Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April brings Birthdays

Just call me a Blogger Slacker! Not sure what has gotten into me lately... but I have been speechless! HA

But, I'm back... :)

April 6th was my grandfather's birthday, and April 12th was my mom's, so this past weekend Dane and I took another road trip down to Orange to visit everyone. Kevin stayed behind once again so he could have a house to himself to work on his paper. I hope real soon I can do a post that Kevin has completed his final paper, and done with his master's program.

As we were pulling into Orange I noticed that everywhere we looked were these GORGEOUS pink flowers. It seemed like every house had them, and I wanted to take some pictures of them. So, I drove around town looking for some that weren't in people's yards... thought they may think it was weird that I was hanging out in their yard taking pictures of their bushes with a crazy 2 year old running crazy. I kept thinking that I hoped someone I knew would have them in their yard. Well, I had no such luck... until we went to my grandparents house to visit. I pulled up, and there it was... a BEAUTIFUL HUGE bush in their front yard of bright pink flowers!! Yeah I was little excited.

So we took some pictures... Dane wasn't really feeling it. I struggled to get him to actually look at me, and stand next to my grandparents. he was being a toot for sure. But, my grandparents took his place and gave me some good shots! They are just so cute!

We hung out with my grandparents, and of course my grandmother spoiled Dane completely rotten while we were there. She ALWAYS has snacks, cokes, ice cream etc for visitors, and you won't leave without having something to snack on. Usually she sends you home with a coke to go, or a coke float or something like that. So, Dane got coke and 2 bowls of ice cream while we were there, and cleaned out all her crackers.

And, Dane is still terrified of my mom's dog, Duke. And with reason for sure. Duke is so hyper, and is constantly jumping on you, but really is a sweet dog. But, strangely enough he never jumped on Dane. It was like he knew that Dane was scared of him, and that he was a baby. We let duke come out while we played outside... my mom had her broom to fight Duke off when he would jump. It was a hilarious thing to watch. And every time Duke would come running, Dane would freak out. Poor little guy. And if anyone is interested in getting a Lab.. let me know.. my mom keeps trying to pond Duke off on us... Um no thanks.. one toddler is enough! If you look close in these pictures you can see some of the damage Duke has done... the statue of the kids was knocked over breaking the face of the little boy... and all the dirt is where plants were planted that have been dug up by their sweet baby Duke. Yeah, so if anyone wants a lab let me know... Ha

We enjoyed getting to hang out with my mom (granny) on her birthday. Dane didn't understand that our present was for her, not him. He helped (well he did it himself) her open her gift, and then he wouldn't give it back. What are we going to do with this lil man. He kept saying Mine Mine... Go figure. We met Poppy at Cheddars to eat lunch. Dane wasn't really acting himself. I think maybe he didn't feel too well and was running a low grade fever, but he enjoyed getting to look at the fish that were pretty close to our table.

And that's it... that pretty much sums up our weekend. Tomorrow we are going on a hunt for blue bonnets!!

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