Sunday, April 4, 2010


Saturday our friend Dallas had a joint birthday party for her 2 girls at a friend's farm in Weimar. When I say farm I mean literally a farm. It was out in the middle of no where, and every animal from the song Old McDonald made an appearance at the party. We were doing it country style for sure!! Abigail and Danielle love to ride horses, so horses was the theme of the party. All the big kids got a free lesson on how to take care of horses and then they all got to ride one as well. There were horses, cows, ponies or maybe they were donkeys, roosters, bunnies etc.
Surprisingly, Dane liked the bunnies and wanted to pick them up and play with them. He was actually quite gentle too!

The place reminded me of like a church camp. There was a zip line, picnic tables, a tree house, lake etc etc. Dane had a really good time playing outside. He was filthy by the time we left the party, because he was all about playing in the leaves, dirt and everything else that he could find.

Usually, when Dane and his girlfriend Sophie get together they don't really interact much. But, at the party they were best buds!! Sophie asked every time Dane got out of her sight where's Dane? And we would catch them sitting on a bench together just chatting away. It was so so cute! You could hear them just a babbling to one another. Then Dane was playing on these stairs, and Sophie came over to keep him company. I told Dane to give her a hug and he did, and then it lead to them making out!! haha just joking... but they kept kissing each other!! It was so funny! I couldn't believe it, because usually Dane doesn't want her touching him, he likes to play by himself. :) too cute for words!

And of course, Dallas had a yummy cake that Dane and everyone besides me devoured. I had to pass on the cake, because I am on a strict diet and obviously it wasn't one of the things I can eat. (I should do a post about my diet...maybe I will)

They even had a little train that was pulled by a tractor that Dane enjoyed riding in.

The party lasted longer than expected so the girls didn't get to open their presents, so afterwards we went back to their house to do that and then have an Easter egg hunt. Dane did really good, and actually got the concept of finding the eggs. He wasn't in a hurry to get the eggs though, because the eggs had candy in it so he would stop, open the egg and want to eat it before moving on to the next egg.

We were all pooped when we drove back home, not to mention sticky, smelly, and and just plain yucky. It was a fun day, and we all had a great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABIGAIL AND DANIELLE!!!!!

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