Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010


We had a great Easter. Dane woke up, and got to see what the Easter Bunny left for him in his basket. He got lots of fun goodies. In his basket was a Couple of choo choo trains, and cars from his favorite movie "cars", bouncy balls, play dough, sidewalk chalk, a new puzzle, stuffed frog, lots of candy in eggs that looked like different balls. I told Kevin that I bet he doesn't see anything at first except the Easter eggs that were balls! And sure enough the 1st thing he saw were the balls that were eggs, and that's what he wanted to play with. He was really excited about the trains and cars also. And he wanted to carry both trains, both cars and all the egg balls all at once where every he went. Didn't want to put any of this down. He ate a lot of candy this morning..he opened up all the eggs and just dug in! Major sugar rush before church!

Then we went to church and listened to a great sermon about the real meaning of Easter! Jesus is the real meaning for this season. He died on the cross so we could all be saved. Nothing else matters!

Dane hung out in the nursery, and his class had an Easter egg hunt. We got to watch the last few minutes of it when we went to go get him. He had collected lots of eggs, and lots more candy!! We didn't have any Easter plans this year, so we went out to eat for lunch. We came home, Dane napped and Kevin and I just relaxed. Once Dane woke up we hid some Easter eggs in our courtyard for him. We opened the back door, and Dane came out and squealed when he saw all the eggs. We had to coax him after each egg to continue looking, because once again he wanted to open the egg and eat the candy. Lots of Sugar today for the lil man! But, he had so much fun looking for the eggs. After they were all found he kept saying MORE EGGS MORE EGGS???

Later on, Dane had some gifts to open from grandparents. Granny and Poppy gave him his Easter presents a couple weeks ago when she was in town. He got 3 pairs of pj's, one being his new favorite that you have seen in recent pictures. They have Lightening McQueen from the movie cars on them, and he loves to wear them, the other 2 with another favorite Elmo on them!! He also got a fun book from Granny that has a steering wheel, and lots of buttons that make sounds!! He loves it, and loves pushing the same buttons over and over!! :) Grandma and Grandpa sent a package from New York, and we didn't let him open it until today. He had fun opening the package, and even said No More presents? when there was nothing left in the box. He was excited when he saw the Handy Manny coloring book with fun colors that were in the shape of animals! He wanted to color right then. Also, he got a really cute swim suit, and a shirt from Grandpa's ski trip in Lake Tahoe. Lots of fun stuff!!!
Thanks Granny, Poppy, Grandma and Grandpa for always thinking of our lil man, and spoiling him rotten!! He loves yall and miss you all!!

I hope that everyone had a great Easter, and didn't eat too much candy!! We have tons, and I can't have any of it! WAHHH! I have to be strong! Too bad Easter isn't on a Saturday so we could use the day after as a day to relax, and not go back to work!! Booh! :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

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