Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Dying

Well, we attempted to dye Easter Eggs, and the experience wasn't all I had envisioned. We had a couple meltdowns along the way. Dane wanted to play with the eggs, and would run off with them in his hand. Pretty much all the eggs were cracked before we actually got started. Then once they were boiled we attempted to let Dane put the eggs in the different colors, and it was just a mess. Seriously a MESS! I had bought a couple of those dying kits, but was not impressed with them at all. I bought a sports one and camo one, and the colors all looked the same. The decorative wrappers that came with the kit didn't even fit the eggs!! It was just not a good night for egg dying!! haha We were all pretty frustrated by the end of it, and our eggs were all cracked and UGLY. I think the only part that Dane actually enjoyed was putting stickers on one particular egg.

We live and learn I guess. AHH the memories!

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