Thursday, April 8, 2010

Funny tidbits

This will probably be all over the place, but I wanted to mention some things that Dane does and says now that we think are pretty funny. He is a talking machine these days, and at the most random times he will say something new that we had no idea he knew. So random tidbits and random pictures are what you are getting blessed with.

- The other day Dane was playing, and he said "Mommy, COME HERE NOW". I wanted to fall over, because I say that to him quite often these days. Hilarious, but couldn't let him know that!

-Sometimes, while riding in the car if we turn a sharp turn or go over a big bump Dane will say WHOA DUDE!! He did not learn this one from us... we think maybe from the movie Nemo (the sea turtles). Also in the car if at a red light he will yell GO!! And he has also been heard saying GET WAY CAR (get out of the way car) as well.

-Hates to wear shoes

-If he wants to play something with a ball, he will say "daddy pay (play) game"... and then will tell you what game you are playing... "cocerball in da goal" (soccerball in the goal), or "shoot bassit ball" (shoot basketball), or "batdaball" (bat the ball)

-if you are doing something he doesn't want you to do he will tell you "top it mommy" (stop it), and if you try messing with his hair, toes or whatever it's "no my hair, my toes"

-really big into hiding now... especially if he doesn't want to do what you need him to do... he hides where his face is hidden, so he thinks you can't see him... but usually his body is in full sight!

- he is CONSTANTLY wanting someone to sit down and play with him. He will grab your hand, and say "pay choo choo", or "pay truck", or "pay blocks", and lead you to where it is. And then usually he grabs your legs and tries to get you to sit down while saying "SIT DOWN MOMMY" The tricky part is knowing where he actually wants you sitting.. sit in the wrong spot and he gets tad bit crazy and freaks out until you are in the spot he wants.

-he is obsessed with chocolate milk... so obsessed that he won't drink regular milk... or so he thinks. We trick him a lot... terrible I know, but he always wants chocolate milk, so i just don't think giving him that much is good. So, we get out the chocolate and pretend to pour it in his cup... we even do the shake of the sippie cup...hand it over and he drinks it! It's all mental... he thinks he is getting chocolate, but is getting regular milk and can not tell the difference!! ha

-If you tell him to not do something like "don't roll your cars on the table", he will put his cars on his high chair, roll them and say "like this?" or "don't hit the wall with that", he will bang the floor with it and say "like this?" testing us for sure... like ok I'm not doing what you are telling me to do, but something close to it.

-LOVES LOVES LOVES to do flash cards. We have tons that have pictures on them, and he just wants to sit in the chair and for you to ask him "what is this" and show him the card. He has gotten really really good at recognition. He could do this for hours! well... maybe not hours, but for long periods of time.

-He knows all the characters from Handy Manny, Sesame Street and the movie cars. He surprised us with this one when he got the Handy Manny coloring book for Easter from his grandparents. We had no idea he knew all the tool's names, but he started pointing to each and every one and said their name as clear as day. We shouldn't be surprised, because he watches these shows like every night!

-Has gotten excellent about saying please or "pease" as he says. We still have to remind him occasionally by saying "what do you say", but 90% of the time he will say it without us reminding him. Now thank you, we still have to tell him to say thank you. And it's more like "tutu mommy". Pretty good about saying sorry as well. Sometimes, if he accidentally hits you with a ball or something, and you pretend like it hurt he will say "I sawry mommy".

- loves to try to walk around in Kevin's boots or my tennis shoes.

-still calls his Curious George stuffed animal his baby, but the actual Curious George on tv is a monkey. And if I ask him are you a baby or big boy he will either say "big baby" which totally cracks me up, or he will say "mommy's baby" which totally melts my heart!! And he likes to put his Elmo in the back of his truck and push it around.

-This little bike was mine... so it's really old, but Dane loves sitting on it and likes for you to push him on it. He hasn't figured out how to do the pedals yet... but he will.

-And the all time best one yet...
he likes to say "poop poop on potty"... but this does not mean he wants to sit on it. We have tried putting him on the potty and he totally freaks out. He will arch his back, so you can't put him into a sitting position. He does not want to sit on the potty... what this means is that he would like to flush the potty. And more than once. And he cheers after he does it! He is such a character.

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