Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday, while Kevin was working in the yard trying to make our poor hibiscus plants come back to life, Dane and I enjoyed the awesome weather and played outside. It's a sad day in our flower bed, that darn freeze that we had did a number to our landscaping, and I am afraid that we might just need to pull them out and start over. Anyway, Dane was helping daddy spray the plants, until he noticed that there was a small spray of water coming out of the spout. At first, he would get close to it and feel the sprinkle and then back away, but would get so tickled and giggly. But, not to long after just getting sprinkled it turned to Dane standing right next to it, playing with it, trying to stop it with his hands and ended with him trying to drink the water!! He was a hoot! He was having a such a blast, and needless to say after about 30 minutes he was drenched from head to toe!! He got pretty upset after it was time to turn the water completely off and go inside. Little man is just so easily entertained, and just so much fun right now!!

Warning picture overload!! I compare this to the Lays chip Ad... you can't have just one...
so here's 1+ lots more!!

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