Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modern Technology

It's amazing the amount of technology that we have now... the fact that we can get on our computer and talk and see a live video of someone in a different state just blows my mind. Kevin's parents live in New York now, and have been wanting us to set up the free service called skype for a while now so they could talk to Dane. Kevin set it up finally yesterday, and we tested it out. Pretty cool! Dane was really excited to talk to them, and of course be a ham in front of them. He kept touching the screen and saying their names, and would try to get as close to the screen as possible to show him his toys. He didn't understand he needed to stand back so the camera could see him. You are able to see yourself as well in the bottom corner, so you know what the camera is seeing, and Dane thought seeing himself was pretty funny. It was a pretty neat site, and a great way to keep in touch!! I will definitely be using skype while Dane is in New York and I am here, so I can see him everyday!

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