Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not really Blog worthy... But I blogged anyway

Could he look any sweeter than that?

We had an eventful, and very fun weekend. And, so now on this Sunday evening we are a little pooped. Saturday morning I started off the day with a massage... it was my valentine's day present that I still hadn't used... and it was very well needed. While I did that Kevin mowed the grass and Dane played in Kevin's truck. That kid could play in his truck for hours. It's crazy.

Usually Saturdays is the day that Kevin spends working on his paper the entire day, but for once he didn't have to. So, we went to the mall to get Dane some new t-shirts. He needed more shirts for the days he goes to school. We have had couple nice Polo's ruined, because they either feed him something that stains, or sometimes their crafts aren't so washer friendly. I actually found couple shirts for me... I never find anything when shopping with Kevin, so I was pleasantly surprised. We came home, and relaxed for a couple hours while Dane napped. The day actually went pretty slow considering all that we did. Very nice!
Saturday afternoon, we met with our sunday school class for dinner at a burger place. We sat outside, and Dane had a blast running around. We got to know a lot of fun couples, which was really nice. This hamburger joint had a big pile of dirt, and that's where the kids seemed to gravitate to. Dane was FILTHY. We had to use multiple wipes to get him sort of cleaned before we went to our next destination. He smelled like a little wet puppy dog. The days are over where he smells like sweet fresh baby powder. Nope... like a nasty boy already!! :) Then we headed to Kevin's coworkers house to attend her baby's 1st birthday party that evening. Dane had a blast there as well exploring the house, and bringing all the toys he could find outside for us to see. We stayed there for a couple hours, until Dane started getting a bit cranky. But, for as much as we did yesterday Dane was really good, and surprisingly I took no pictures at either get together! **GASP**

Today, we went to church, and then enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out at home. We had a GREAT weekend. I am not looking forward to my work schedule this upcoming work week.. I work Mon-Wed. Three 12 hour shifts in a row are tiresome... but Thursday will start my 6 days off, so something to look forward to.

this next pic is gross... he was eating a peanut butter cup haha

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