Monday, May 31, 2010

Crystal Beach and Stomach Bug

It was brought to my attention today by my cousin that I have been a blogger slacker lately. So Haley I'm sorry that I left you hanging for 6 days! :) Do you like that I gave you a shout out??? ha I'm trying to think about why I have been slacking, and I have no excuse other than nothing has been going on until this weekend. I've been trying to take it easy lately, because starting this coming weekend it is about to get crazy crazy busy. This weekend coming up Kevin has planned a special night for me for my birthday, then I am leaving to get out of town with 4 girlfriends to ring in my 30th, then Kevin and Dane leave to head to New York, and then I follow suit and meet them in Vermont for Kevin's graduation. **sigh* I'm tired just thinking about it.

We both were looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, even though we had no idea what we were going to do. Until Thursday we had no plans, but wanted to do something fun and in the sun. So, Thursday while I was at work I got a call from my friend Tabitha. Her sister was renting a beach cabin for her family and friends at Crystal Beach, and she asked if we wanted to drive over for the day. PERFECT! I didn't even think twice about it. Instead of going through Galveston and wait in the ferry line, we decided to head to Orange for the day on Saturday, and then just go to Crystal Beach from there since it is only an hour away from Orange.

If you remember last year I took Dane to the beach and met Tabitha and Gage. Click Here if you want to see how much they have grown. The difference between then and now, is that we had our husbands there to help out and do all the things that we struggled with. For instance setting up the canopy!! Tabitha and I talked about how last year was such a bad idea. By the time we got the canopy put together it was time for us to leave. And just having extra hands at the beach makes it easier to actually enjoy yourself. I'm not sure what we were thinking last year.

But, we had an absolute blast this year. I got to hang out with Tabitha, Dane got play with his BFF Gage, Kevin got to chit chat with all the husbands about whatever guys talk about. :) It was a great time had by all. We hung out at the beach all day. We had a canopy set up for some shade, golf carts and a ranger to pile all our stuff in and tote us back and forth to the cabin. I was really nervous about Dane getting sun burned, and him wearing his hat, but he did awesome. He kept his hat on the entire time unless he was eating or under the canopy, and I was a bit psycho re-applying the sunscreen so he didn't get burned. None of us got burned...well I take that back. I got burned in a couple weird places... the back of my arms, back of my neck and 1 small section of my left foot. So, I missed a few spots, but overall we did great.

Dane had the time of his life. He liked to dig in the sand, run in and out of the water, jumping when the waves would hit his feet, playing ball with Gage, watering my legs and feet with his water can. He really enjoyed himself, and Gage and him played so well together. Best of Buds. He even took a nap while we were on the beach. Very surprising! Usually if there is that much going on he refuses naps. But, I think the sun wore him out. I was sitting under the canopy, and he came over and wanted to sit in my lap, and seriously within 2 minutes he was out cold. He slept in my lap a little over an hour, and was in a great mood when he woke up. Dane enjoyed being in the was a good thing Kevin was there since I'm not really one to get in beach water if I can't see the ground. Not being able to see totally freaks me out, so ankle deep is about as far as I venture out.

We literally stayed at the beach all day, until it was time for the boys to start grilling the dinner. We headed back to the cabin, got cleaned up, and hung out while the boys cooked. They cooked hush puppies, shrimp, fish, stuffed jalapenos etc etc. Kevin got a good meal out of it, and I ate what the kids were having... hot dogs! haha I'm not a seafood eater, so was more than happy to have a grilled dog!! Thanks Tabitha's brother in law for all the cooking!

We had an awesome time at the beach. We all had so much fun, and were pooped on the way home. We thought that going through Galveston wouldn't be a bad idea since it was close to 8:00 when we decided to leave. Not a good idea... it took us 4 hours to get home last night, getting in after midnight. The ferry really didn't take that long, but it was bumper to bumper traffic once you got in Galveston all the way to downtown Houston. Long ride home and after being in the sun all day it was a struggle for sure. We stopped at Jack in the Box to get us a drink... another bad mistake. Kevin and I both woke up with stomach issues this morning. That's the only thing that we both had, so it has to be that. Kevin thought maybe it was the seafood, at first but I had none of it and was just as sick. Long day for sure with us both sick and Dane having as much energy as a normal day. So, basically we have been laying in bed all day, and putting movies and cartoons on for Dane to keep him occupied. He has watched more tv today than he ever has, but we are doing the best we can since we are both so sick. Just to give you an example of how it's been today... when I gave Dane a bath this morning I brought a pillow in the bathroom so I could watch him, but be laying down while doing it. Then when it was time to get out, I had to scream at Kevin for him to come take over so I could run to the other bathroom and get sick. Then reversal thing happening when Kevin was doing something to take care of Dane. Blah. Fabulous day!

Ok now for the pictures... lots of them so fair warning. I was a picture taking fool and probably could have put 20 more on here... I say that like I'm usually a modest picture taker. HA!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soccer Tots Day 1

We started our 1st session of Soccer Tots this morning. Dane was very excited when we walked in and he saw the big field, with all the balls. I was hoping that he would participate and cooperate with what the coach wanted. Dane sometimes tends to want to do his own thing. This class is a parent participation class, so we are encouraged to try to get the kids involved as much as possible. Basically, we did different drills with soccer equipment that is suppose to help teach motor skills, balance, coordination, and of course an introduction to soccer. Coach Kim was very good with the kids, and really made it fun for them. When it came to the drills that involved the ball Dane was a pro. We didn't have to ask him twice to run to get balls, kick the balls in the goal, kick the balls off a cone, running up and down the field. He did great, and his coach was impressed with how much he enjoyed kicking the balls! I have to admit he is really good at running and kicking at the same time. He loves it! And has gotten pretty good at it. We may have a soccer player in the future! :) Now when it came to other drills like helping to set up soccer cones or anything that didn't involve a ball I had to really coax Dane into it. He would get a little frustrated when the coach would have the kids do drills where they couldn't hold onto the ball. He is a ball boy... and take away his ball and he gets a little unhappy. But, Coach Kim was really good at getting him distracted where he would want to participate in the activity. Dane had so much fun, and got upset when it was time to leave. I think he is going to really enjoy playing soccer... as long as he doesn't have to set up the cones... ha
Excited to be at soccer tots

stretching and getting warmed up

sitting with his new soccer friend... getting him to sit on the white line was challenging... he was excited and wanted to run with the balls

kicking the soccer ball off the cone drill

standing the cone up with your foot drill

hula hoop drills... Dane was interested in the hula hoop for about 3 seconds and then wanted his ball back :)

My cute little soccer player

parachute time.... to shake out our muscles and wind down

getting a monkey stamp since he did so good... for some reason I did not get a stamp... Maybe I didn't do as well as the little man :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Pimp Limp Fake Outs Occur

My lil man totally cracks me up... that's all I can say.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo Shoots

Yesterday I got to do a couple photo shoots, and they were so much fun!! I'm still sorting through all the images and editing them, but thought I would show a couple from each one. I feel so flattered that these girls wanted me to take some pictures for them. Win win for both of us! I get to practice, and have more "models" for my website that I am working on, and they get to have pictures... I guess it's more of a win for me!

Anyway, here is sweet baby Grace, and my friends Anna and Adeyiza. I took some pictures of Grace before when she was tiny tiny tiny!! She has grown so much since then! And I did some pregnant pics of Anna earlier as well.
like I said earlier I'm in the process of editing them, so I'll have more later on. Sorry Anna for the tease. :)

Then I headed over to see a sorority sister I haven't seen in a while, and took pics of her and her boyfriend. It was so good to see Sara and meet her boyfriend, Austin. They were a hoot to shoot. I'm a poet and didn't know it! ha Anyway here are a couple from their pictures.

More to come!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Ogre Day

Yesterday, after Dane's physical therapy appointment we drove through MC Donald's to get Dane some chicken nuggets, and me a diet coke. Ok, who am I kidding... we really went to MC Donald's because I knew that they were giving Shrek toys away in their happy meals. And since we were going to see the movie that evening, I thought it was a good excuse to get Dane one. :) In the drive through they had a picture of all the toy characters, and Dane saw them and started saying OGRE OGRE OGRE, and donkey donkey donkey. I was hoping that he would get a good character, because of course they had some that were not Dane worthy. ha

Little back tracking... while we were at the park with the Gonzalez Gang the other day Zach found a toy that was one of these characters, and Dane grew very attached to it, and Zach let him hold on to it while we were at the park. But, once it was time to leave we had a little drama..both boys wanted to keep the toy. Pretty funny, actually. It was Zach's toy, so he kept it, and Dane had a meltdown, but forgot about it once we started driving away.

So, this was another reason we went to MC Donald's... to get Dane the toy that Zach had... I figured that we would end up getting that same one that was at the park. But, we didn't!! We got the best one we could get. ha ha We got Shrek himself, and Dane was ecstatic!! He loves Shrek, but will not call him by his name... he calls him OGRE!!! The toy talks, and is real annoying... so now I am kicking myself that it was my fabulous idea to go get it! Oh well, the things we do for a smile on lil guy's face.

I made the mistake of telling Dane about 2 hours before the movie that we were going, and that we would get popcorn and candy. He kept saying popcorn and candy over and over for yeah about 2 hours. It quickly turned into whining and him having small tantrums that he wanted popcorn and candy. I learned my lesson for sure. Anyway, we met Kevin at the theatre. We went to the 4:30 show, so Kevin drove in from work just in time for the movie. Didn't think there would be that many people there at that time, but it was packed! We got popcorn and drinks to share... can I just vent for a quick second? Movie prices and snack prices are just ridiculous! I think it is crazy how much they charge for things now. We asked if we could get a empty cup or popcorn bag so we could put some popcorn in it for Dane because obviously he didn't need his own one, and they wanted to charge us the same price as if you got a drink or a popcorn. So, you can get an empty cup or soda in the cup for the same price. Sounds fair right???? They'll get you any way they can, that's for sure. So, we asked for a drink holder and just tore off the handle to use for Dane. You have to be smarter than the one there... And we were. ha

It was like Dane had done this before...he knew exactly what to do and was a little popcorn eating machine. Funny little thing was that he wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat down, so Kevin had to keep his knee pushing on the seat to keep him from not folding up. He looked so tiny in the movie chair. It was so cute how he was sitting there with his popcorn and m&m's in his lap. Dane did excellent during the movie. He was quiet, and watched the previews and movie, with occasionally asking for some drink. He sat there perfect the entire time, until probably the last 15 minutes of the show, and then he wanted down and to walk around. So, Kevin took him to the entrance ramp where he could walk up and down without disturbing others, but still watch the movie. Next time we will get there in time for the movie, and skip the previews. But, I think he really enjoyed it watching a movie on a big screen!!!! It was a great evening for us! The movie was funny, just like the other Shrek movies. We'll have to try this again sometime!

The picture I got isn't very good. I took this right before the previews started, and honestly I was embarrassed because it was so dark in the theatre and the flash was so bright, so I did it real quick so everyone wouldn't stare at me! haha

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Park with a Princess

In case you haven't noticed we haven't really had much going lately, and I haven't taken many pictures. Last week I had to work 4 days instead of 3, and then had to work Mon-Wed this week. So, I'm a little pooped, and have been laying around this past weekend, and today. And since you are probably wondering... the days I work are long, and not the typical 8 hour shifts. But, starting today I am off until Tuesday...WHOO!

To start my time off from work Dane and I met up with the Gonzalez gang this morning to play at the park. We got there about 9:00 and it was after 11 when we left. Surprisingly enough it wasn't to hot, and we had a nice breeze until the last 30 minutes or so. The kids had fun, and Christy and I go to catch up. Dane followed Zach around, and tried to copy everything he did. Sophie is such a girly girl already. She would come up to Christy and say that the sun was too bright, or that her shoes were dirty and would want a wipey to clean them off. Little Diva!! ha Pretty funny how boys and girls are wired so differently, and their differences are so apparent even at such a young age. Dane could completely care less if it is too hot, or if his shoes are dirty as long as he is outside he is in hog heaven.

I didn't get but a couple pictures before my camera battery died. And the kiddos were all over the place anyway, so it would have been hard to get them.

Dane and his buddy, Zach hanging out

Sophie and Dane chillin on the picnic table. Notice what Sophie has... hahaha like a little old woman sitting there with her makeup bag filled with powder, lotions, lip sticks and her prescription sitting next to her. :) Christy said she plays with her makeup bag and pretends to put on makeup all the time.

Friday we are going to take Dane to see his first movie!! He loves the movie Shrek, and a sequel is out so we think it will be fun for him to see it on the big screen. We'll see how it goes! I am pretty confident that he will love it, and do fine. He watches movies now from the beginning to end at home, and a little popcorn might help too to keep him entertained!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Summer...








Monday, May 17, 2010

25 Random Things

I saw this on a blog I read a few days ago, and decided to do it myself. I might have done this before and just can't remember, but I have nothing else to blog about so this is what you get.

The object is to list 25 random things about yourself that maybe some people don't know. The idea is for people to learn more about you, and play along as well and then you find out things about them. Easy enough. Maybe I can get Kevin to do this also. We'll see.

In no particular order:

1. I am a ponytail, jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I love to get dressed up, but am the most comfortable in a favorite pair of jeans with my hair back.

2. My least favorite subject in school was history, besides Spanish and find it very ironic that I married someone with a masters degree in history.

3. I HAVE to wash my hair every morning. Even if I wash it the night before, it has to be washed in the morning for my hair to fix the way I want it. My hair gets oily quickly, and if I sleep on clean hair it will look oily by lunch time.

4. I am a lip gloss girl... very rarely will I actually wear lipstick. I like that gloss isn't dry, keeps lips looking shiny, and is natural looking

5. I have been a flower girl 2 times, bridesmaid 9 times- only one time after I was married, and was the cake cutter only once... I could open my own bridal shop with dresses from every color to choose from.

6. I am a joint popper... I pop everything from my fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, toes, hips, neck and back. If it can be popped I will pop it. It's a bad habit, but it is one that I can not break out of.

7. No matter how tired I am during the day, I have never been one to nap. I just can't do it, no matter how hard I try. If it is daylight outside, I just can't get my mind to settle down to take a nap.

8. I love to take Personality, career, aptitude and relationship tests and see which category I fall under. The majority of the time the analysis is right on for my personality. Psychology was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and in college because I love researching different personalities, and how people interact with one another. Maybe this is why I love to people watch as much as I do.

9. I have lost 17 lbs!!! I was hoping to be at 20 lbs by now, but am pleased with my progress anyway.

10. I like to eat popcorn with m&m's. I got this from my girl Tab, when we lived together. She did it, and I tried it, and now can not eat popcorn without having at least 1 m&m in my mouth at the same time. It's just not the same without the chocolate.

11. My blood type is O-, which happens to be a very rare blood type...7% of the population apparently. Had no idea of this until i was pregnant with Dane, and found out that since my blood type is opposite from Kevin's O+ I had to have a shot while pregnant to protect Dane during delivery. Dane also had to have a shot after he was born as well, and then I had to have another one after the delivery for my next child. This was very Weird to me. Dane is O+ just like his daddy.

12. I graduated high school in a class of 127 people, but we were still classified as 4A. Very small 4A school, that is now 3A. They fought that we stayed 4A as hard as they could, so we could play the better teams in football. Football is MAJOR thing in my hometown.

13. The only way I will eat pickles is if it is on a McDonald's cheeseburger... not really a fan otherwise

14. I can only sleep on my left side, with my knees curled. I have pictures from when I was little asleep this way, and it has not changed. I wake up 99% of the time on my left side as well.

15. I don't like fruity flavored things. I like certain fruits, but hate fruity drinks, desserts, food etc.

16. The hotter it gets here, the more I think I'm suppose to live in another state. I love cold weather, love the idea of seasons, the idea of wearing heavy coats. But, actually thinking about moving makes me nervous.

17. I am the grumpiest when I am hot and sweaty. Hunger brings out the grumpiness also, but nothing like when I am hot. Pretty much it's better if you don't talk to me after I have been running... I can't fake a good mood when I am that hot and nasty. Hence the fact for # 16.

18. I have only slept in a hospital on two occasions- 1. when Dane was born 2. when Dane had surgery. I have never had any serious illnesses, injuries that required hospitalization, any type of surgery, never been put to sleep, etc.

19. I don't like being tickled. At all. It is suppose to be funny, and to make you laugh. I find it annoying, and it makes me mad. Kevin has learned very quickly on, that tickling me will put me in a bad mood for a long time.

20. I love to shop, but I hate shopping in stores that everything is just mixed together and you have to dig for what you want. Examples: Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max... I just don't have the patience to dig. If it was neatly organized on the racks with the same shirts together organized by size I could probably find great deals there. But the chaos frustrates me.

21. I do most of my cell phone talking while on my way home from work. The traffic drives me absolutely crazy, and talking to Kevin, my mom or friends usually help pass the time.

22. I have the most sensitive gag reflex imaginable. Just talking about things that gross me out will get me dry heaving. If something smells bad, if it's a gross sound or looks yucky it can cause me to gag. I am known for this at home, and at work.

23. I have EVERY single card that Kevin has ever given me stored in a box. He is a card giving fool, so I have tons and tons. And he writes sweet messages in every single one. He has given me so many cards, that he accidentally gave me the same card twice. By the time that we are married for 50 years, I'm sure that I will have to have an entire room dedicated to storing the cards.

24. I love using !!!!s when I am trying to get my point across. Sometimes, I go overboard with them, but they make me think the recipient is understanding my emotion. I use them when I am excited, angry, happy etc. One would be sufficient, but 3 or 4 really drive it home!!!! :)

25. Turning 30 in 3 weeks and 3 days. Hard to believe. And feel as though I have miscalculated, and should only be like 26. Bummed about the number, but excited that I will be with my girls on a road trip for this occasion.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pimp Limp Fake Out

This evening I was completely brought back to the reality that my child has hip dysplasia, and that this will be something that will haunt us forever. We had a bit of a scare/ panic attack with Dane and his hip. I got home from work and immediately noticed that Dane was limping with his "bad" leg. Not just a small limp either, but a full force limp where he was having to throw his leg out to the side, and move it into a circular rotation with every step. He wasn't bending his knee at all when he would walk, and his pace wasn't very fast. He was limping probably 10 times worse than he did before his surgery. I started to freak out, my heart was racing, and horrible thoughts were racing through my head. When I mentioned it to Kevin, he told me that Dane's teacher had said he was limping all day, but she had no idea why. Well, I wanted more information. I knew he wasn't limping the night before, and he hadn't fallen that I knew of. So, we called his school, and talked to his afternoon teacher. She had no idea what was going on. She said that he had not cried at all that she was aware of, and had not fallen or anything. Can I just tell you that I was stressed out. I was almost in tears thinking that his hip had popped out of place. If you could have seen this limp, you would totally understand why we were panicking.

So, I brought him into my bedroom, laid him on my bed, took off his shoes and socks, and stretched out his legs to see if his legs were the same length. And they were. Before his left leg was over an inch and half shorter than the right because the hip wasn't in the socket. But his feet lined up perfectly... I started bending his knees to his chest and he could still do that. What was the problem? After I took off his socks he started reaching for his left foot and saying ow foot hurts. So, I started searching his foot and toes. Nothing. Kevin made the comment that maybe his tennis shoes were getting too small. I started looking at his shoes........

And I found the problem...

You are not going to believe this...

In his left shoe there was a sock that was bunched up at the toe of the shoe. First of all, can I just get a hallelujah that there was something in his shoe that was causing the problem... But, second how bad do you think we felt that he walked around all day with a sock bunched up in his shoe, that obviously hurt and caused him to limp. My poor little man!!! Third- Little annoyed that his teachers saw him limping and didn't think to check his shoes, socks, pants legs etc. Actually, I am a lot annoyed by it. If you see a child limping shouldn't you try to figure out why? Anyway, thank you lord that it was something funny like this, and not a serious problem.

And please Lord, don't do little tricks like this anymore to make me remember how grateful I am that his hip is ok... I promise that I won't take it for granted!


Yesterday while Dane was swimming he started doing something that was so funny, that we had never seen him do before. I wish that I would have gotten this on video because the pictures just don't do it justice with how hilarious it was. He started getting cold, and then would pretend to shiver. He would say its cold, then make this crazy face, turn his head to the side and make his arms and chest tremble. It was like he was having a spasm. We asked him to pretend to be cold over and over, because it was the funniest thing imaginable. Seeing him pretend to shiver, and make his arms and chest shake just cracked us up. He is such a little ham, and is getting more funny each and every day. I have no idea where he learned how to do this, if he saw someone do this, or maybe he shivered for real and tried to copy the feeling... All I know is that it was hysterical, and Kevin and I were belly laughing watching him do this.
I've got to get this on video... just got to!

Just a funny picture:
Took the picture right as the ball was hitting his head. Too funny

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water Bug

Dane's Granny just can not resist.. whenever she is watching Dane they usually end up in Target so she can buy him something before she sends him off. Rather it be a pair of pj's, a new ball, a book etc he always ends up with something. I think she feels guilty that we live here, and her other 2 grandchildren live in Orange and they get spoiled by her more often. Which I don't think she needs to buy him anything, but it makes her feel better so she does. So, Tuesday after work we had planned on meeting halfway between here and Orange so I could get the lil man. Did I mention that I missed the lil booger?? Well, I did. Anyway while I was working I got a text from my mom, asking if we had bought Dane a little baby pool yet for the summer. She saw one, and decided that she was going to get him one.
Dane was very excited to get in it. I really think he is going to enjoy his swimming lessons this summer. He isn't afraid at all to get his face wet, or to completely go under the water. He slid down the slide multiple times and would go all the way under the water, and he would just stand up and laugh. The only thing that he might not be fond of at his lessons is floating on his back... but hopefully they will teach him how to do that. The pool has a little slide attached to it, but after a while we got creative and put his bigger slide in the water. What a blast. We did have a small meltdown when it was time to get out. But, it was expected since he was having so much fun!!

Thanks Granny for the pool! A great way to beat this summer heat... and humidity!