Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Buddy

We hung out in Orange over the weekend for mother's day and for my nephew Jt's 16th birthday. This weekend was not good for my diet what so ever. We started off at Casa Ole on Saturday... JT's request. And of course, I had to eat some of the queso, along with their fajita flameado. Pretty much I decided early on that mother's day weekend would be a weekend of splurging, and so I did... We got back to the house, Kevin and I went and ran at a nearby park. I actually went farther there then I have been going at my house... figured I needed to since more cheating was going to occur. We finished off the evening with a blizzard run from Dairy Queen. Oreo blizzard is my favorite. Sunday, my mom cooked a big meal for mother's day... yes she cooked on mother's day. She was excited to have all of us over. She made her homemade mac and cheese, which is my all time favorite meal... so yes I had some... ok lots. And then you can't celebrate a birthday without having chocolate cake and ice cream. So, needless to say I am back on my strict diet, and running even harder. Before this weekend I had lost 15 lbs, but now I am too scared to get on the scale to see where I am now! HA

Dane played outside pretty much the entire weekend. In the beginning he was still terrified of Duke, the dog. Duke kept walking up to him to smell him, and Dane would freak out, but he never once jumped on Dane the entire time. Can't say that about him jumping on me... It's every second you make eye contact with him. He must know Dane is little. Duke is very attached to my mom... she can't be outside for long without him pretty much in her lap. It's hilarious. Duke is like a clingy toddler, seriously.

I have to work extra days at work this week, and we only pay for Dane to go to his school 3 days a week. So, Dane stayed Sunday with my folks for a couple nights without us. He had an absolute blast, and was not sad that we left at all!!! By the time he left today Duke and him had become best buds!! He would stand at the door and jibber jabber to Duke, hold up his toys to show him, and would even let Duke come right up next to him without whimpering at all. While he was in Orange my mom would send me pictures from her phone every couple hours.
And she would give me updates on how he was doing with Duke. I think Dane is a fan of Duke now! Also David was able to get Dane to ride on the riding lawn mower as well. Usually, Dane freaks out when David turns the motor on, but somehow he got over that fear as well. Dane had so much fun hanging with Granny and Poppy, and Kevin and I got to enjoy a quiet house for a couple nights. I missed the little booger though, and was so excited to see him today!

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