Monday, May 31, 2010

Crystal Beach and Stomach Bug

It was brought to my attention today by my cousin that I have been a blogger slacker lately. So Haley I'm sorry that I left you hanging for 6 days! :) Do you like that I gave you a shout out??? ha I'm trying to think about why I have been slacking, and I have no excuse other than nothing has been going on until this weekend. I've been trying to take it easy lately, because starting this coming weekend it is about to get crazy crazy busy. This weekend coming up Kevin has planned a special night for me for my birthday, then I am leaving to get out of town with 4 girlfriends to ring in my 30th, then Kevin and Dane leave to head to New York, and then I follow suit and meet them in Vermont for Kevin's graduation. **sigh* I'm tired just thinking about it.

We both were looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, even though we had no idea what we were going to do. Until Thursday we had no plans, but wanted to do something fun and in the sun. So, Thursday while I was at work I got a call from my friend Tabitha. Her sister was renting a beach cabin for her family and friends at Crystal Beach, and she asked if we wanted to drive over for the day. PERFECT! I didn't even think twice about it. Instead of going through Galveston and wait in the ferry line, we decided to head to Orange for the day on Saturday, and then just go to Crystal Beach from there since it is only an hour away from Orange.

If you remember last year I took Dane to the beach and met Tabitha and Gage. Click Here if you want to see how much they have grown. The difference between then and now, is that we had our husbands there to help out and do all the things that we struggled with. For instance setting up the canopy!! Tabitha and I talked about how last year was such a bad idea. By the time we got the canopy put together it was time for us to leave. And just having extra hands at the beach makes it easier to actually enjoy yourself. I'm not sure what we were thinking last year.

But, we had an absolute blast this year. I got to hang out with Tabitha, Dane got play with his BFF Gage, Kevin got to chit chat with all the husbands about whatever guys talk about. :) It was a great time had by all. We hung out at the beach all day. We had a canopy set up for some shade, golf carts and a ranger to pile all our stuff in and tote us back and forth to the cabin. I was really nervous about Dane getting sun burned, and him wearing his hat, but he did awesome. He kept his hat on the entire time unless he was eating or under the canopy, and I was a bit psycho re-applying the sunscreen so he didn't get burned. None of us got burned...well I take that back. I got burned in a couple weird places... the back of my arms, back of my neck and 1 small section of my left foot. So, I missed a few spots, but overall we did great.

Dane had the time of his life. He liked to dig in the sand, run in and out of the water, jumping when the waves would hit his feet, playing ball with Gage, watering my legs and feet with his water can. He really enjoyed himself, and Gage and him played so well together. Best of Buds. He even took a nap while we were on the beach. Very surprising! Usually if there is that much going on he refuses naps. But, I think the sun wore him out. I was sitting under the canopy, and he came over and wanted to sit in my lap, and seriously within 2 minutes he was out cold. He slept in my lap a little over an hour, and was in a great mood when he woke up. Dane enjoyed being in the was a good thing Kevin was there since I'm not really one to get in beach water if I can't see the ground. Not being able to see totally freaks me out, so ankle deep is about as far as I venture out.

We literally stayed at the beach all day, until it was time for the boys to start grilling the dinner. We headed back to the cabin, got cleaned up, and hung out while the boys cooked. They cooked hush puppies, shrimp, fish, stuffed jalapenos etc etc. Kevin got a good meal out of it, and I ate what the kids were having... hot dogs! haha I'm not a seafood eater, so was more than happy to have a grilled dog!! Thanks Tabitha's brother in law for all the cooking!

We had an awesome time at the beach. We all had so much fun, and were pooped on the way home. We thought that going through Galveston wouldn't be a bad idea since it was close to 8:00 when we decided to leave. Not a good idea... it took us 4 hours to get home last night, getting in after midnight. The ferry really didn't take that long, but it was bumper to bumper traffic once you got in Galveston all the way to downtown Houston. Long ride home and after being in the sun all day it was a struggle for sure. We stopped at Jack in the Box to get us a drink... another bad mistake. Kevin and I both woke up with stomach issues this morning. That's the only thing that we both had, so it has to be that. Kevin thought maybe it was the seafood, at first but I had none of it and was just as sick. Long day for sure with us both sick and Dane having as much energy as a normal day. So, basically we have been laying in bed all day, and putting movies and cartoons on for Dane to keep him occupied. He has watched more tv today than he ever has, but we are doing the best we can since we are both so sick. Just to give you an example of how it's been today... when I gave Dane a bath this morning I brought a pillow in the bathroom so I could watch him, but be laying down while doing it. Then when it was time to get out, I had to scream at Kevin for him to come take over so I could run to the other bathroom and get sick. Then reversal thing happening when Kevin was doing something to take care of Dane. Blah. Fabulous day!

Ok now for the pictures... lots of them so fair warning. I was a picture taking fool and probably could have put 20 more on here... I say that like I'm usually a modest picture taker. HA!

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