Thursday, May 20, 2010

Park with a Princess

In case you haven't noticed we haven't really had much going lately, and I haven't taken many pictures. Last week I had to work 4 days instead of 3, and then had to work Mon-Wed this week. So, I'm a little pooped, and have been laying around this past weekend, and today. And since you are probably wondering... the days I work are long, and not the typical 8 hour shifts. But, starting today I am off until Tuesday...WHOO!

To start my time off from work Dane and I met up with the Gonzalez gang this morning to play at the park. We got there about 9:00 and it was after 11 when we left. Surprisingly enough it wasn't to hot, and we had a nice breeze until the last 30 minutes or so. The kids had fun, and Christy and I go to catch up. Dane followed Zach around, and tried to copy everything he did. Sophie is such a girly girl already. She would come up to Christy and say that the sun was too bright, or that her shoes were dirty and would want a wipey to clean them off. Little Diva!! ha Pretty funny how boys and girls are wired so differently, and their differences are so apparent even at such a young age. Dane could completely care less if it is too hot, or if his shoes are dirty as long as he is outside he is in hog heaven.

I didn't get but a couple pictures before my camera battery died. And the kiddos were all over the place anyway, so it would have been hard to get them.

Dane and his buddy, Zach hanging out

Sophie and Dane chillin on the picnic table. Notice what Sophie has... hahaha like a little old woman sitting there with her makeup bag filled with powder, lotions, lip sticks and her prescription sitting next to her. :) Christy said she plays with her makeup bag and pretends to put on makeup all the time.

Friday we are going to take Dane to see his first movie!! He loves the movie Shrek, and a sequel is out so we think it will be fun for him to see it on the big screen. We'll see how it goes! I am pretty confident that he will love it, and do fine. He watches movies now from the beginning to end at home, and a little popcorn might help too to keep him entertained!

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