Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We spent the weekend hanging out around the house, and doing some odds and ins like hanging up decorations and such. We had to make a trip to Lowe's to get a new kitchen faucet; we had a leak that couldn't be fixed, and you would think that we went to an amusement park. Dane thinks Lowe's is the best place on earth. For one thing there are tractors there that has Dane's name all over it. He gets so excited when he sees them, and then when we let him sit on them he is in hog heaven. Another thing that gets Dane excited is all the pottys that are there!! Seriously my child is a bit strange when it comes to playing with a potty. He doesn't want to sit on it, and in fact will freak out if you try sitting him on it. But, he likes to open and close the lid over and over and flush the toilet. So, want a free entertainment place... take your child to Lowe's!

Something else we picked up this weekend was mirrors to go in Dane's bathroom. So, to all our guests who have stayed with us and had to use our powder bath to get ready you will be happy to know that you can use the guest bathroom to get ready now!! I know! It's only taken us a year to get mirrors, but better late than never, right? We actually got some mirrors for my formal dining room as well, and they look great! My sweet hubby hung a lot of stuff up for me this weekend, which made me very happy! I have been saving a lot of honey dos while he was a busy bee working on his masters program. Not sure if he was as excited as I was while doing all the handy work, but I really appreciated it!!

But, other than that it was a very low key weekend. Dane enjoys playing in the sprinkler, so we let him do that every time Kevin watered the grass. He has 2 new bathing suits this year, one from his birthday and one from Easter that are SO cute on him. So, I had to break one out while he was being a water bug. He also got his workout in while running up and down the sidewalk. And when I say up and down I mean like seriously 100 times. Don't you wish you had as much energy as the little man??? I do! It's hard to keep up with him!! He keeps us young!

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