Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My child is a HOARDER

Have any of you seen that show HOARDERS? It is a show about how people continue to get new things, but never throw anything away, and are the biggest pack racks you have ever seen. It is somewhat of a hard show to watch because of how unbelievable these people are. They live in pure clutter, but are very attached to their possessions, and can't let go of any of them.

Well, we have a mild case of hoarding going on in the Wittschen World. Kevin and I laugh about it a lot, but Kevin has actually asked if I thought Dane was going to turn into a real hoarder. Him making that comment was pretty funny, but you have to stop and wonder how personality traits are formed! But, I'm leaning towards this is a phase! ha ha

So, it's not the fact that Dane has a small attachment to certain toys, it is that he has to carry all of his favorite toys all at once all the time. I have a lunch sack that he loves to carry around. He calls it mommy's backpack, and he puts all of his favorites in there, and goes from room to room with it. He is very particular with what goes in it, and making sure that those are close by no matter what he is doing. If we try to leave the house he will quickly run around and start picking up all the things that have to go with us. If the "backpack" isn't available then he will carry all these things in his arms, and it can be very time consuming and frustrating if you are in a hurry!! Because, of course his arms aren't big enough to carry all that he is wanting, so usually things fall and he has to stop and try to pick those up while holding on to everything else. Usually, we end up "helping" him by carrying stuff just so we can get out the door. This happens no matter where we are going... eating at the table- he wants all these toys sitting on the table with him, watching a movie in our bed-same thing they all come along, going to bed you can bet he is grabbing his favorites.

There are "regulars" and then there are toys that alternate...
No matter what Dane has these things either in his arms or in the backpack- couple choo choo trains, 2 cars from the movie cars, a sippie cup, a small ball that fits in the palm of your hand- a soccer ball for the most part, and then basketball other times, and it never fails a truck is thrown into the mix. There is always a tool involved, but his 2 favorites are rotated. He loves the hammer which he calls Pat because of the show Handy Manny and that goes back and forth with his screw driver, named Turner. Also, his "baby" - Curious George doll and Elmo always get some love. He never has the 2 together, but he has one or the other tag along. Sometimes sunglasses or a little man from his little people toys get thrown in as well.

He is a tab bit obsessive with these items, and will have a major meltdown if these are taken from him. He is a hoarder... is there Hoarding AA for 2 year olds??? :)

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The Momoh Family said...

That is so funny!! How cute is he! I just can't stop laughing!!!