Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Ogre Day

Yesterday, after Dane's physical therapy appointment we drove through MC Donald's to get Dane some chicken nuggets, and me a diet coke. Ok, who am I kidding... we really went to MC Donald's because I knew that they were giving Shrek toys away in their happy meals. And since we were going to see the movie that evening, I thought it was a good excuse to get Dane one. :) In the drive through they had a picture of all the toy characters, and Dane saw them and started saying OGRE OGRE OGRE, and donkey donkey donkey. I was hoping that he would get a good character, because of course they had some that were not Dane worthy. ha

Little back tracking... while we were at the park with the Gonzalez Gang the other day Zach found a toy that was one of these characters, and Dane grew very attached to it, and Zach let him hold on to it while we were at the park. But, once it was time to leave we had a little drama..both boys wanted to keep the toy. Pretty funny, actually. It was Zach's toy, so he kept it, and Dane had a meltdown, but forgot about it once we started driving away.

So, this was another reason we went to MC Donald's... to get Dane the toy that Zach had... I figured that we would end up getting that same one that was at the park. But, we didn't!! We got the best one we could get. ha ha We got Shrek himself, and Dane was ecstatic!! He loves Shrek, but will not call him by his name... he calls him OGRE!!! The toy talks, and is real annoying... so now I am kicking myself that it was my fabulous idea to go get it! Oh well, the things we do for a smile on lil guy's face.

I made the mistake of telling Dane about 2 hours before the movie that we were going, and that we would get popcorn and candy. He kept saying popcorn and candy over and over for yeah about 2 hours. It quickly turned into whining and him having small tantrums that he wanted popcorn and candy. I learned my lesson for sure. Anyway, we met Kevin at the theatre. We went to the 4:30 show, so Kevin drove in from work just in time for the movie. Didn't think there would be that many people there at that time, but it was packed! We got popcorn and drinks to share... can I just vent for a quick second? Movie prices and snack prices are just ridiculous! I think it is crazy how much they charge for things now. We asked if we could get a empty cup or popcorn bag so we could put some popcorn in it for Dane because obviously he didn't need his own one, and they wanted to charge us the same price as if you got a drink or a popcorn. So, you can get an empty cup or soda in the cup for the same price. Sounds fair right???? They'll get you any way they can, that's for sure. So, we asked for a drink holder and just tore off the handle to use for Dane. You have to be smarter than the one there... And we were. ha

It was like Dane had done this before...he knew exactly what to do and was a little popcorn eating machine. Funny little thing was that he wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat down, so Kevin had to keep his knee pushing on the seat to keep him from not folding up. He looked so tiny in the movie chair. It was so cute how he was sitting there with his popcorn and m&m's in his lap. Dane did excellent during the movie. He was quiet, and watched the previews and movie, with occasionally asking for some drink. He sat there perfect the entire time, until probably the last 15 minutes of the show, and then he wanted down and to walk around. So, Kevin took him to the entrance ramp where he could walk up and down without disturbing others, but still watch the movie. Next time we will get there in time for the movie, and skip the previews. But, I think he really enjoyed it watching a movie on a big screen!!!! It was a great evening for us! The movie was funny, just like the other Shrek movies. We'll have to try this again sometime!

The picture I got isn't very good. I took this right before the previews started, and honestly I was embarrassed because it was so dark in the theatre and the flash was so bright, so I did it real quick so everyone wouldn't stare at me! haha

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