Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo Shoots

Yesterday I got to do a couple photo shoots, and they were so much fun!! I'm still sorting through all the images and editing them, but thought I would show a couple from each one. I feel so flattered that these girls wanted me to take some pictures for them. Win win for both of us! I get to practice, and have more "models" for my website that I am working on, and they get to have pictures... I guess it's more of a win for me!

Anyway, here is sweet baby Grace, and my friends Anna and Adeyiza. I took some pictures of Grace before when she was tiny tiny tiny!! She has grown so much since then! And I did some pregnant pics of Anna earlier as well.
like I said earlier I'm in the process of editing them, so I'll have more later on. Sorry Anna for the tease. :)

Then I headed over to see a sorority sister I haven't seen in a while, and took pics of her and her boyfriend. It was so good to see Sara and meet her boyfriend, Austin. They were a hoot to shoot. I'm a poet and didn't know it! ha Anyway here are a couple from their pictures.

More to come!!!

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