Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday while Dane was swimming he started doing something that was so funny, that we had never seen him do before. I wish that I would have gotten this on video because the pictures just don't do it justice with how hilarious it was. He started getting cold, and then would pretend to shiver. He would say its cold, then make this crazy face, turn his head to the side and make his arms and chest tremble. It was like he was having a spasm. We asked him to pretend to be cold over and over, because it was the funniest thing imaginable. Seeing him pretend to shiver, and make his arms and chest shake just cracked us up. He is such a little ham, and is getting more funny each and every day. I have no idea where he learned how to do this, if he saw someone do this, or maybe he shivered for real and tried to copy the feeling... All I know is that it was hysterical, and Kevin and I were belly laughing watching him do this.
I've got to get this on video... just got to!

Just a funny picture:
Took the picture right as the ball was hitting his head. Too funny

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