Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soccer Tots Day 1

We started our 1st session of Soccer Tots this morning. Dane was very excited when we walked in and he saw the big field, with all the balls. I was hoping that he would participate and cooperate with what the coach wanted. Dane sometimes tends to want to do his own thing. This class is a parent participation class, so we are encouraged to try to get the kids involved as much as possible. Basically, we did different drills with soccer equipment that is suppose to help teach motor skills, balance, coordination, and of course an introduction to soccer. Coach Kim was very good with the kids, and really made it fun for them. When it came to the drills that involved the ball Dane was a pro. We didn't have to ask him twice to run to get balls, kick the balls in the goal, kick the balls off a cone, running up and down the field. He did great, and his coach was impressed with how much he enjoyed kicking the balls! I have to admit he is really good at running and kicking at the same time. He loves it! And has gotten pretty good at it. We may have a soccer player in the future! :) Now when it came to other drills like helping to set up soccer cones or anything that didn't involve a ball I had to really coax Dane into it. He would get a little frustrated when the coach would have the kids do drills where they couldn't hold onto the ball. He is a ball boy... and take away his ball and he gets a little unhappy. But, Coach Kim was really good at getting him distracted where he would want to participate in the activity. Dane had so much fun, and got upset when it was time to leave. I think he is going to really enjoy playing soccer... as long as he doesn't have to set up the cones... ha
Excited to be at soccer tots

stretching and getting warmed up

sitting with his new soccer friend... getting him to sit on the white line was challenging... he was excited and wanted to run with the balls

kicking the soccer ball off the cone drill

standing the cone up with your foot drill

hula hoop drills... Dane was interested in the hula hoop for about 3 seconds and then wanted his ball back :)

My cute little soccer player

parachute time.... to shake out our muscles and wind down

getting a monkey stamp since he did so good... for some reason I did not get a stamp... Maybe I didn't do as well as the little man :)

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