Friday, May 7, 2010

Terrible Twos

something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially : a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment

In order for something to become a stereotype there has to be some truth behind it in the first place. The phrase "terrible twos" wasn't just a random quote. Obviously, "terrible twos" has to come from somewhere like similar behavior between several two year olds.

We are in a very fun stage. Dane is talking A LOT, constantly being a ham and making us laugh, getting so independent, able to do so much now, understands most of what we say, able to play games etc. But, we have our moments that we just want to pull our hair out. With this stage brings tantrums, and lots of NOs and MINEs, testing the boundaries, deliberately making messes, time outs and spankings. Dane is the sweetest natured lil guy imaginable, cuddly, easy going, laid back always laughing and showing off his dimples, but at the same time can be very strong willed, stubborn, can not reason with him, and at times he can have a "red headed" temper (yes, that is a stereotype)

We have had some "terrible two" occurrences that last couple days... thought you all could use a laugh

- The other morning after Dane's physical therapy session I stopped and got Dane some donut holes as a treat. I had him sitting at the table with his holes and a cup of milk. I let him drink out of a cup without a lid because he likes to do that now. He was sitting at the table so I thought it would be ok, since I only put like 2 inches of milk in the cup. Just a side note... he likes to sit in the "big chair" now instead of at his little table or in his high chair. Mr Independent. Anywho, I walked out of the kitchen and was only gone maybe 3 minutes when he started to shout that he was done. No big deal right? So, I walked into the kitchen to find this...

Oh my lord is right!! He had spilt the milk, and instead of just leaving it alone he started spreading the milk every where with his hands. He had milk in his hair, ears, on the floor, his clothes were soaked, and the table behind him even had drops on it. How do I know that this wasn't an accident??? Because he likes to make messes, he likes to play with water, if he sees a drop of liquid he immediately starts spreading it around with his fingers. **sigh**

Great start to the morning... but the day was far from being over... Little later Dane was playing in his play room. I needed to make a trip to Target, went upstairs to get him and this is what I found...

Not only was he naked with a sagging diaper that I thought was pretty funny, he had hid his clothes and it took me several minutes to find them. And when I say several it was like 15! Mental note** check the guest room the next time he has taken his clothes off and has hidden them.

So, of course as we are trying to get out the door Dane's hoarding tendencies were in full force, and so we left with his fireman hat on, Handy Manny doll, his john Deere camera, 2 horses, a truck, small soccer ball and a hammer.

For the most part, probably 99 % of the time when we get to our destination Dane is really good about keeping all his toys in the car. Usually we just have to say to him "No the toys stay here", and he will put them down without a fight. But, there must have been a full moon because he just wasn't having it. He was adamant about keeping his hat on, and bringing his horses in the store. I didn't have the energy to fight him this particular day, so I just let him. I see kids wearing all kinds of things in stores, so I figured I would just swallow my pride and let him wear his hat despite all the looks we were going to get. I must admit he is a very cute fireman, and people were oohing and ahhing about how cute he was. And of course, all the attention made his "hamness" (not a word) come out. He was smiling, and laughing and touching his hat! What a hoot!

Just when I thought the day was over Dane pulled another stunt that put him in time out for while. Little turkey is all I can say. I had given Dane some of my crystal lite in one of his sippie cups. Bright red I might add. you can see where this is going... He was in the tv room suppose to be watching Sesame Street. Kevin and I were in the kitchen chit chatting when Dane walked in and had red spots all over his shirt, had stained red hands, and a bright red lips. I remember saying at that moment... "Dane you better not have gotten that everywhere". I quickly walked to the tv room, and to my horror was every white carpet's worse nightmare. There was bright red ALL OVER the carpet. If I remember correctly I think I screamed at that moment. The lid was still on the cup, so this mess was on purpose. He had turned the cup upside down and patted the cup on the floor over and over and over and over. A drop at a time comes out, so he saw what happened when he did this and continued on until every last drop was out of the cup. It wasn't just a puddle... it was 3 BIG areas that was covered in red... and still is at the moment. I used probably half a bottle of resolve, but unfortunately we can still see the stains... need some advice on this one. I wish my Nannaw (grandmother) was here, because she is known for getting stains out of EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING!!! So, Kevin forced Dane to sit in time out while I tried to clean up the mess. And no I didn't get a picture... it was so bad, and I freaked out trying to clean it as fast as I could so the stain wouldn't soak in. Not fast enough though, unfortunately. Not sure if this falls into "terrible twos" or "mischievous boy"???

Enough about the terrible twos... Lil man isn't always "terrible"... most of the time he is adorable... like these pics from the park the other day

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