Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water Bug

Dane's Granny just can not resist.. whenever she is watching Dane they usually end up in Target so she can buy him something before she sends him off. Rather it be a pair of pj's, a new ball, a book etc he always ends up with something. I think she feels guilty that we live here, and her other 2 grandchildren live in Orange and they get spoiled by her more often. Which I don't think she needs to buy him anything, but it makes her feel better so she does. So, Tuesday after work we had planned on meeting halfway between here and Orange so I could get the lil man. Did I mention that I missed the lil booger?? Well, I did. Anyway while I was working I got a text from my mom, asking if we had bought Dane a little baby pool yet for the summer. She saw one, and decided that she was going to get him one.
Dane was very excited to get in it. I really think he is going to enjoy his swimming lessons this summer. He isn't afraid at all to get his face wet, or to completely go under the water. He slid down the slide multiple times and would go all the way under the water, and he would just stand up and laugh. The only thing that he might not be fond of at his lessons is floating on his back... but hopefully they will teach him how to do that. The pool has a little slide attached to it, but after a while we got creative and put his bigger slide in the water. What a blast. We did have a small meltdown when it was time to get out. But, it was expected since he was having so much fun!!

Thanks Granny for the pool! A great way to beat this summer heat... and humidity!

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Anderson Family said...

tooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!