Monday, June 28, 2010

Boston Part 1

After graduation we headed out of Vermont and drove to Boston. With the tickets we had we either had to fly out of New Hampshire or Boston because South West doesn't fly out of the Vermont airports. Neither Boston nor New Hampshire had flights that we would be able to make after graduation on that Friday. So, since we had to hang out til Saturday it was a no brainer which city to fly out of. Kevin and I went to Boston a couple years ago when I had a work conference, and we had a blast.

Let me start by saying that I still love Boston! It is a great city, with so much to do and so much character. And Kevin and I will definitely visit again. But, if Kevin and I had just one word to describe this visit it would be frustrating. We enjoyed ourselves don't get me wrong, but a lot of frustrating things happened. And so we were both ready to be home by the end of it.

We stayed in a hotel that was about 20 minutes outside the city, so we had to drive to a parking garage to park our car, so we could use the subway to get around. Dane was so excited to ride a "choo choo train". He was smiling from ear to ear the entire time we were on the subway. He would talk to other people that were on board, and tell us to hold tight. He was a happy happy lil man, and he just looked so big sitting there in the seat. He was adorable!! We rode the subway for a little over an hour to find out that the subway did not take us to where we thought we were going. **sigh**

So, we ended up walking around Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market looking around at all the street entertainment and shops. This area is a neat place. Lots of shops and restaurants, pubs, live music etc.
This was one of the street entertainers... Dane was intrigued, but timid at first. Kevin gave him a dollar to give her, and the lady bent down and started motioning him to come to her, and he crossed his arms and said no no. It was too funny, but then he eventually walked up to her and dropped the dollar on the platform not in her hand and then walked away as fast as he could. These street artists who wear all this crazy body makeup and stand in these statue positions are just crazy! But, they are definitely interesting to watch. We watched a guy balance all sorts of stuff including a dolley on his chin.

You can't go to Boston without making a visit to Cheers... where everybody knows your name. Kevin got to see his friend, Diane again. I got this same picture the last time we were there...she hasn't changed at all from 2 years ago. :) We waited for a table while 3 other couples that came in after us got seated first. Little confused we asked the hostess what was going on, and she was baffled that we would ask her. She said "oh I didn't realize that you were wanting a table" um duh... anyway, Dane enjoyed a oreo shake in about 3 minutes and he refused to let us have any! The weather felt great, as we sat outside and Dane was entertaining the tables around us. He was being extra chatty and playful while we were there.

There was a hockey draft going on that night, and so all of Boston gathered together in the middle of Quincy Market to watch the draft take place. It was crazy to see so many people obsessed with hockey. I guess hockey is like Texas football! gotta love it! We went to The Union Oyster House for dinner. Kevin was planning on having a lobster to celebrate. We got there to find about an hour wait in the fine dining area. So, we had to settle with the light menu in the not so fancy section. So we didn't get the true experience of this place we had heard so much about. Kevin still got his lobster, and I settled with chicken... ha even if it wasn't a light menu I would still have gotten chicken. No seafood for me! We actually ran into Kevin's classmate there (the one standing next to him in the pic at graduation). We thought that was just crazy... to run into someone we knew in Boston at a restaurant. We walked around a little more, and then we decided it was time for bed and headed back to the hotel to crash... just like I'm about to do now...

To be continued...

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