Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boston Part 2

Saturday morning we got up early so we could drive to Cape Cod and spend the day there before we had to catch our flight home. We had planned on driving around and seeing different cities in The Cape, along with several lighthouses and beaches. The day didn't go as smoothly as we were hoping for. I was under the impression that these neat things were going to be easy to find, and that we could just pull over and ask locals where the hot spots were. But, they were not easy to find and every local that we asked had no idea how to get anywhere. We drove around for hours, and I think we drove through every neighborhood in The Cape, and didn't see anything. It was very frustrating. The neighborhoods were very cute and quaint though, and the houses resembled little cottages. We did enjoy looking at all the homes...we saw hundreds of them. So, after hours of nothing we ended up finding a little town called Falmouth. It had a strip of little shops and restaurants so we decided to just pull over and walk around for a little bit. We were pretty frustrated by this point, and felt like we had wasted so much of the morning. I saw a little store that sold Cape Cod shirts, and not sure what made me want to go in it because I didn't want a Cape Cod shirt, but something pulled me that direction. Maybe God knew that we needed this. ha Anyway, the lady that worked at this shop gave us some great information. She let us know about a lighthouse and beach that was literally right around the corner. We headed that direction and I don't think we could have been any more excited to see this part of the beach and lighthouse. It was a gorgeous area.

We were really disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Cape Cod. So, the next time we visit Boston we will go back there and see everything we missed. We found a great restaurant that we were able to sit outside. The weather was awesome, and the scenery was so pretty. The restaurant was on a boat dock, so Dane had a blast looking at all the boats. He got to see fish and ducks also which was right up his alley.

Walking back to our car we saw a real life pirate...arrrg matey
just seems like everywhere we go we see a pirate. They are everywhere, not just on cruise ships! And this is really an inside joke for one of our friends...you know who you are :) so my friend, avoid Cape Cod

Anyway we started heading back to Boston. We wanted to go to the Constitution boat real quick, so I could take some pictures of Dane by a couple things that Kevin and him had visited on our 1st trip to Boston. Just thought it would be neat to have the same pictures from when he was 7 months old and now. Plus, it is a big boat, so we thought Dane would have a blast on it. I was planning on putting some of the older pics to compare, but they are on the computer upstairs, and I just don't feel like going up there. It was only like 5 miles from the airport, so it was suppose to be something quick and easy to do to waste time before heading out. The ride ended up taking MUCH longer than we had wanted. We got stuck in a major traffic jam, and were wanting to pull our hair out by the time we reached the Constitution Boat. It was just another frustrating event that took place. But, we got there and Dane was so thrilled to "ride" the boat as he kept saying. He loved running on it, and looking through the windows.

We headed to the car rental place to drop off our car. We had plenty of time, or so we thought. We were thinking that this would take 10 minutes to drop off the car, and we would get to the airport in enough time to grab some dinner before getting on the plane. Kevin had already done this before I had gotten to Vermont, and had no problems. Well, we should have known that it wouldn't be a smooth transition, just because of how the rest of the trip had gone. Somehow the worker screwed up something in the system so when we went to pay our credit card got declined. At first, it was no big deal Kevin thought it was weird because that card shouldn't have been declined, but he went ahead and gave another card. Same thing. So, by the 2nd card Kevin started letting the girl know, who was not friendly, helpful and was just plain rude by the way, that something had to be wrong with their system, because neither card should be doing this. So third times a charm right? He gave them a different card, and by this time Kevin was getting very frustrated and annoyed. Denied. All while this is going on Dane is running around the rental place like a crazy man. And none of this was a quick process. The lady was taking her sweet time, trying to be ugly on purpose. So, Kevin tried our debit card- same thing. Another guy came over, and no one was being helpful. Kevin started getting pretty ticked. I mean it's common sense that if a customer tries 5 cards, and none work wouldn't you think something is wrong with the computer? And while this is taking place time is ticking. An hour passes, and we really need to get to the airport. We let the people know that we had a flight to catch at 5:00, and if we didn't catch this flight, there are no more connecting flights to Houston. They didn't care. They would just shrug their shoulders and say "I don't know what you want me to do, the bill has to be paid, and your cards are not working". It was bad. Very bad. After an hour and half of fighting with the workers, and Kevin and I stressing completely out finally a guy says there is an ATM right next door. So, Kevin runs to get cash, and I get a shuttle guy to take us to the airport. He was actually really nice, and said he would drive really fast for us. He was the only helpful and nice worker there. Oh by this time it was 4:10!!! We had less than an hour to get to the airport, get checked in, go through security and we hadn't even paid yet. So Kevin gets back with the cash, and guess what they made him wait in line to pay!!!!! After all this, they made him wait in line!! and then when it was his turn the lady typed in the computer o-n-e le-t-t-e-r at a time just to slap him in the face. I have never seen Kevin so mad. But he kept his composure for the most part.

So, we get out and the shuttle driver drives like a bat out of hell and gets us to the airport in like 2 minutes. literally. The airport crew saw us coming, we were sprinting as fast as we could with our luggage and Dane. And thank you Jesus they were so helpful. The guy checking us in told us that we were really late, and that there would be no way we could make the plane if we went through the main security. So, he let us bypass the main security, and just do security at the gate. He told us that they don't normally let people do this. But, I think he felt sorry for us since we had a baby, and there were no other connecting flights out of Houston if we missed the one, and he could tell we were totally stressed out. He couldn't believe that we had so much drama at the car rental place. And, I think God was on our side with this one. In any other airport there is no way we would have made it. But, we made it praise God! But, we didn't have time to get anything to eat, so we were starving by the time we got to Chicago. Dane was a little toot on the 1st flight, he wanted his 2 favorite cars and we couldn't find them anywhere. We had 14 other cars, but his 2 that he wanted were M.I.A. So the flight was a FRUSTRATING experience. Just like the rest of the trip :)

We got home after midnight, and were totally exhausted! It was good to see Boston again, but it was even better to see my bed again!! AMEN!

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Christy said...

crackin' up at the shout out!! :)
sorry about the bad experience at the avis...i would have called customer service!!! sounds like you had an exhausting day!