Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bye Bye Baby Bed

While Dane was away he slept in a big bed the entire time, and had absolutely no problems. He took naps, and went to bed at night just fine. Usually during nap time it would take a little while to actually fall asleep, but he would stay in his bed and wouldn't try to come out of the room. So, this actually worked out perfectly for us, and we thought there would be no better time to go ahead and change the crib into a toddler bed. Our crib can be changed into a toddler bed, and then it can also be transformed into a real twin size bed. I was thinking that we might just go ahead and skip the toddler part, and just make it into a regular bed now, but the side rails for the twin bed did not come with the crib, and has to be ordered separately we found out. So Dane will have to be in the toddler bed for now, until we can get the rails. But, we didn't waste any time. Sunday morning Kevin changed the crib into the bed. It took Kevin like 5 minutes to do it, because the only thing that changed was the front. And I ran to Target and bought some new toddler bedding for it, and Dane was ecstatic to have a "big" bed. He loves it, and has been doing wonderfully with it. No problems what so ever with nap times or night time. We will hear him babbling, but he eventually goes to sleep. And (I'm knocking on wood) he hasn't tried getting out of bed and coming out of his room during these times. I hope that I didn't just jinx it. The funny thing is when he wakes up, he doesn't even get out of the bed. He will just yell for us, and then once we come in his room then he will climb out of the bed. I'm thinking that this will only last so long, it will eventually hit him that he doesn't have to wait for us anymore to come get him. My little baby is no longer a baby. :( Bitter sweet moment!

Isn't his bedding cute? They didn't have any that went with his baseball theme room, but I didn't think it was that big of deal, and he likes trucks so it will work until we get his twin bed set up.

Look how excited he is!

I snuck in during nap time... OUT LIKE A LIGHT


Christy said...

yay for BIG beds!! :)

Jennifer said...

When we switched Kaitlyn Joy over to a toddler bed (her crib does this too) we didn't use a railing. I read several stories then decided to follow those who don't use a railing. We put a big pillow on the floor so the couple times she did roll out of bed she was fine. She quickly learned her boundaries and stayed on the bed. Before this she will sleep all over the bed, even with her legs hanging out the bars. She's really getting big though so we will have to move her to a full size bed soon.

N's Mommy said...

Noah has the same sheets on his big boy bed!