Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girl Getaway

Wednesday four of my girlfriends and I packed up and headed out of town to ring in my big birthday. We had an absolute blast, and I am so thankful that they made my birthday so special. We did a ton of sight seeing, shopping, eating, dancing, listening to music, and eating some more, laughing, sleeping in and eating much much more. The girls got me a couple of 30 year old fun necklaces that I wore on the night of my birthday with a boa. We had so much fun, and they made me feel so special. They really made turning 30 not so bad, and actually a lot of fun. I have awesome girlfriends!!! Thanks girls for making my birthday one that I will never forget! I had so much fun on this trip. I am so blessed to have you girls in my life! Love you girls!

My friend Ashley wasn't able to make the trip, so she sent an edible arrangement to the hotel. It was a nice yummy surprise when we got back from shopping all day. Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered apples make the pain of turning 30 go away!! Thanks Ashley!!! We devoured them!!! It was such a "sweet" surprise! Literally.

On our way home we stopped at my parents house, and my mom had baked a chocolate cake for me. I was spoiled rotten this year, and it was really my best birthday ever...I got to celebrate a whole week's worth!!


Christy said...

Love you too! I had a blast!!

N's Mommy said...

What great friends you have! It is hard to find a group like that!