Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Alone

This morning came really early! The alarm was set for a quarter before 4:00!! Totally not kidding. And we were on the road heading towards the airport at 4:10. It was painful it was so early. And little man could barely open his eyes. He was so tired. As I laid him on the bed to get him dressed he would roll over on his side, and put his arm around my back and push me where I was laying down on the bed. Laying on the bed wasn't enough, he wanted me to lay my head right next to his. And I could totally tell that he could have fallen back into a deep sleep within seconds if I would have left him alone. So... this is what we did until it was time to leave for the airport. Picture courtesy of Kevin's cell phone...

He was being so sweet and cuddly, which I totally appreciated. He must have known his mommy was very sad that he was leaving.
Leaving my boys at the airport was not fun. I'm not even going to lie and try to act like I was ok. I went in with them and helped Kevin bring the stuff to the check in line. I was very emotional, and it was a long ride home. :(
But, Kevin kept me updated and sent me pictures throughout the whole ordeal. I went home and went back to sleep for an hour. I didn't have to be at work until 12 today, so I had time to just chill this morning before having to get ready. Kevin said Dane was PERFECT on both flights, and during the lay over in Chicago. I was worried about his ears, since he longer takes the paci. But, he didn't seem to be bothered by the pressure. And Kevin said that when they would take off, hit turbulence, or land Dane would say real loud WHOA and start laughing. He apparently entertained the lady sitting next to Kevin, but was in a great mood the entire time so didn't bother anyone. I was very glad to hear all this, especially since Kevin was having to do all this by himself.
Here's a couple cell phone pics Kevin sent me through the day.
watching the planes that were outside...he was very excited to see the planes!

ready for take off

having a HUGE airport muffin

So, from what I hear Dane is already having a blast. He got to hang out with his 2 second cousins today at Jackie's aunt's house. One is I believe 3 years old, and the other 10 months. And Dane's grandpa did not disappoint with having the electric train station set up. Dane played with it during Christmas time, and LOVED it, so I think this consumed most of the day today. It's going to be a long week away from my boys! Say some prayers for me, because I tend to worry a lot, and I get nervous being home alone!

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