Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"I foat'n"

It has been UG--LY the last couple days. Today especially. Yesterday after Dane's physical therapy appointment we were going to meet the Gonzalez gang at her sister's to go swimming. But, the weather just didn't look like it was going to hold up so we ended up canceling. 11:00 came around and we still hadn't gotten any rain, it was just very overcast. So, I decided to just chance it so Dane and I headed over to our neighborhood pool. Kevin decided to chance the rain as well, and he went to the golf range to hit some balls. I had gotten Dane a life jacket, since the floaties were not successful. It was actually perfect at the pool. We were the only ones there besides the life guards, and I didn't have to worry that the sun was burning him to a crisp.

The life jacket was so much better than the floaties. He still did face plants in it, but he just seemed to have more control. I wasn't sure how he would do since the last time we went swimming was a total freak out session. But, surprisingly enough he did so much better!! He wasn't confined to the stairs this time, and he would actually float in the water, and push off the sides. He would let us let go of him in the water. I was totally impressed. He was like a whole new kid. The life jacket didn't keep him upright though, so I had to be psycho watching him with my hands right there. Because sometimes he would lose control and the jacket would either flip him forward or flip him to his back. For the most part when it flipped him forward he would be able to keep his head up so he didn't go under, but there were times that it would face plant him and he wouldn't be ready for it. Dane did panic still though when he would seem to lose control and become a rollie pollie, but it was nothing like last time. No death grips around our neck, or piercing screams. There was a lot more laughing this go round. I think maybe he isn't heavy enough to keep his feet underneath him in the water. I thought life jackets automatically kept you upright, but I guess with little kids it doesn't. So that was a lesson for me!!! It showed me that even though he was in a life jacket he could easily be trapped on his stomach, not that I would ever leave him alone in the water... but it was good to see that.

After Dane's nap it was still petty overcast, and we had nothing going on so we went back to the pool. Kevin wanted to see his improvements. He was really impressed with how much courage the lil man seemed to have this time. Dane kept saying "I foat'n" "I foat'n"!! He had a great time swimming, and actually would kick his feet if Kevin was holding onto him on his belly. I was able to get some pics of him in his life jacket swimming the 2nd time around, since I had extra hands.
Yeah for life jackets!! And yeah for getting more comfortable in the water!!

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