Monday, June 14, 2010

I missed my boys

I was gone from Wednesday till Saturday, and technically only Thursday and Friday were days I didn't get to see my boys, since I saw them before I left and when I got home. I really missed them though, and this was not even close to how it will be this upcoming week and weekend. Kevin and Dane leave Wednesday this week to head to New York for a few days before Kevin then leaves to go to Vermont. I don't get into town until next Thursday, and Kevin's parents will drive in to Vermont from New York then!! So, I'm starting to feel anxious. I know that they will both have a blast without me, and they will be just fine. I just think I am going to REALLY miss them, and be lonely. So, I need some company friends!! Luckily, I work Wed-Fri this week, and Mon and Tues next week, so hopefully my mind will be kept busy and occupied.
Dane was very excited to see me Saturday, which made me feel really good. He wanted me to hold him pretty much the rest of the day, and he kept hugging and kissing me and saying Mommy over and over. I was happy that he missed me!! Kevin seemed to miss me too! :)

this picture is from Kevin's cell phone, so the quality isn't great. Every time I would hold Dane he would put his head down on my shoulders. AHHH sweet boy!

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N's Mommy said...

Dont you love that! So sweet!