Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's start with Wednesday

Last week while Kevin was gone I just didn't sleep well at all. It was a pretty exhausting week to not get a whole lot of sleep, and still having to get up early to go to work. Well, It got better the 2nd to last night I had to sleep alone, and actually I slept pretty well. I woke up Tuesday morning, feeling a little more rested, and was very hopeful that the last night would be the same. Unfortunately, Tuesday evening was not a good evening for me. I won't go into detail, but I got a little shaken up over something that happened and ended up having a very long night. My packing got delayed because of it, so it was pretty late when I actually got to finally lay down. My alarm was set for 3:30 AM, and I probably didn't fall asleep until about 1:45 or 2:00. Needless to say I was starting off Wednesday exhausted, but I was really excited to get out of town to see Kevin.

I have traveled alone before. But this was my first time having to do the airport parking, riding the shuttle, having connecting flights in 2 big cities, getting a rental car, and driving to another state by myself. Sounds silly, but I was a little anxious. Carrying in all the luggage made me appreciate my hubby even more. I haven't taken him for granted on purpose, but being alone made me realize how much he does to help me out. Anyway, I made it on my first flight just fine. I was hoping I was going to be able to take a cat nap on this 6:00 AM flight, because by this time my eyes were so heavy. Sleep didn't happen though because I was sitting in the middle of 2 big ol boys who both had shoulders that were as broad as my house. Fairly squishy ride, but they were both nice and neither were chatty which I appreciated. I was feeling anti-social and not in the mood to chit chat while flying.... it was early!

My plane landed in Chicago at 8:35, and I was "suppose" to have a hour to get breakfast, restroom, and locate my next gate before my 2nd flight at 9:45. So far everything had gone as planned. I was tired, but really ready to get this next flight over with so I could continue on. I get to the gate to find this..

My flight was delayed. The airline worker had no idea when we would depart. At first they were hopeful that it would only be an hour delay. Well 10:45 came and went, and there was still no plane. Our plane was stuck in Kansas, apparently because of bad weather. It wasn't raining in Chicago, and sunny in Manchester where I was going, but the airplane towers were holding planes. 11:45 came, and we still had no idea as to when our plane would get there. By this time other flights had been delayed, so there were 4 flights meeting at our gate, which meant hundreds of people standing around, sitting and laying all over the place. There were no chairs, or floor space available anywhere. It was so chaotic. I walked around the airport a couple dozen times, looked in every souvenir shop, and ate at a couple different places, all while just trying to stay awake and sane. I did feel sorry for the airline workers. Can you imagine working a gate that has 4 delayed flights, with hundreds of angry people asking you how much longer for their plane over and over??? They would make the same announcements over and over "Sorry folks, but we still do not have an update at the moment, but when we do we will let you know" Kind of felt like I was in the twilight zone. I was so thankful that Dane was not with me on this adventure... can you only imagine??
Anyway, our plane finally arrived about 1:45, and we took off at 2:00. It was a very long day. Originally I was to get to Manchester around noon, and drive to Vermont and be there around 2... so I got a very late start and arrived in Vermont about 7:00 that evening. The drive was gorgeous between New Hampshire to Vermont. It was very green, with mountains and no billboards or buildings everywhere. Very scenic drive. I was so pumped to see Kevin! I was exhausted by this point, almost delirious but it was so so so good to see him. I really missed him!

I got settled into the dorm room, and realized real quick that this was the JAYNE version of roughing it. it is just for one night is what I kept telling myself. Then Kevin informed me that there was no air conditioning anywhere on campus... EXTRA BONUS! :) Vermont people just don't think it is necessary to have AC when it only gets hot during the summer. It still gets hot, no humidity but they just open windows and use box fans!! I'm an AC kind of girl!! I'm very hot natured, so this was an adjustment for me. I got to do the whole bunk bed thing, with community bathroom! It was a treat for sure!

On Kevin's agenda was karaoke night for that evening for all the students that were in the residency program. I have to just say it was just odd. The whole night was just plain odd. But, it just fit so appropriately with how the week had gone thus far. It was in a very lit cafeteria... not usually how I vision karaoke nights. And I was under the impression that this was just something fun they were doing to give everyone a break. But, I was very surprised with how it all went down. It seemed like the people who got up there to sing had known about this event and practiced and practiced to perfect their performance. One guy sang at least 3 times, and none of the songs were fun karaoke songs. They were songs like he was auditioning for a musical or something. He had a good voice, but was taking this whole karaoke thing so seriously, like there were judges in the audience. It was just weird...not really sure how to explain the evening. But, Kevin and I had fun socializing with some of the guys that Kevin had hung out with all week. It was a weird way to end my frustrating day. But, I was ready to call it a night and sleep!!!

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