Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing my Boys

Another day has come and gone...

We are getting closer and closer to when I get to see my boys. I miss them like crazy!!

Yesterday Kevin left New York and headed to Vermont. He will have seminars and meetings this whole week, until Friday, and then his graduation will be that morning. I fly up Wednesday of this week, and then Kevin's parents will drive from New York to Vermont with my little man on Thursday. Lots of traveling going on for the boys. I think Kevin will be so over flying by the time he gets home.

Here's a breakdown of our travels.
Wed- Dane and Kevin flew to Chicago had an hour layover there and then flew to Buffalo New York and then drove an hour to Canandaigua, New York.
Saturday- Kevin left Canandaigua, NY drove to Buffalo. Flew from Buffalo to Baltimore, Maryland, and had a hour layover. Then Flew to Manchester, New Hampshire... then drove 2 hours to Northfield Vermont. He was in 4 states Saturday!
Wed- I will fly to Chicago first, hang out for an hour, and then fly to Manchester New Hampshire. Then I get to drive to Northfield, Vermont.
Thurs- Kevin's parents and Dane will drive from New York to Vermont.
Fri- We will leave Vermont and drive to Boston Massachusetts, stay the night and then fly from Boston to Chicago change planes, and then finally fly back to Houston.

Crazy huh!

Jackie sent me some more pictures. They went bowling yesterday, and then went to the mall to ride the carousel. Dane had a blast bowling. The bowling alley had a device that made it easy for little kids to bowl, and had set up bumpers in the gulley's, so Dane was able to hit the pins on every try. He really enjoyed it. On the carousel Dane had fun riding it, but did not like riding the animals that went up and down. So they just hung out on one of the seats that didn't move. I think he is doing really well, and having a good time. I got to see him again on skype this morning. Barry told me this evening that they had a 2 hour tractor ride today. Dane didn't want to get out of it apparently, and ended up falling asleep while riding. The tractor isn't quite, nor is it a smooth ride, so how this happened beats me. I think he is wearing himself out along with wearing out his grandparents! ha

Kevin has been sending me pics today of the campus. He is having a good time, getting to meet people from all over the country. He has even come across another AGGIE! WHOOP! He sent me a picture of his dorm room that he is staying in for the week until Thursday. Nothing like living the college life all over again...

And I must add that I will be staying in this dorm room Wednesday night. We thought it would be easier to do this, and then once we have Dane we will move to a hotel room. At the time it sounded like a good idea... And let me add that there is no restroom in this room. There is a community bathroom and shower that I will be having to use also. I am beyond excited and thrilled that this is where we are staying. To say I am pumped about "roughing it" is an understatement. **Insert sarcasm**

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