Thursday, June 3, 2010

MOCK- yeah - ING - yeah - BIRD - yeah


Some of you are like what???

And some of you totally get this!!

It happened again. Dane got another BAD haircut. And I think he looks like Lloyd from the movie Dumb and Dumber. If you haven't seen the it so you can get a visual. It is so frustrating, and I just don't understand how these girls that cut his hair don't get it. They obviously didn't do well in beauty school. I tell them I don't want the front of his hair cut short...just trimmed. I also tell them several times that I want his "bangs" to touch his eyebrows. And not any shorter than that. And to just trim up the sides and back. But, somehow we always leave there with his bangs cut to short. This time not only was his bangs cut WAY to short, but cut straight across his forehead. It looks bad, and I hope that it grows out before his trip to New York. ARRRG.

I asked Dane to show me his hair, and he said NO and put his hands in front of his face so I couldn't see. Poor lil guy, even though he has no idea I think deep down he is embarrassed that he looks like Lloyd! ha

Side view...

When I wet it and try to "mess" it up it looks a tad better, but I know it's going to drive me crazy till it grows out some.

Onto other topics... Let's talk potty
Well, I broke down and bought a potty chair. I had originally said that I would NEVER get one of these children's pottys and that I was just going to teach Dane to use the big potty with a potty cover. Well, apparently our toilets are elongated and the potty covers that are in stores do not fit our toilets. The reason I am so against the small pottys is that I have the most sensitive gag reflex ever, and honestly I don't want to have to be cleaning the thing over and over. It grosses me out, but unless something miraculous happens we will be using the small potty. Dane is scared to sit on the big potty. He refuses, and when you try to put him on it he arches his back, and totally freaks out. So, I had to break down and get a small potty. Lord help me!

Well, Dane was SO excited that he has his own potty!! hilarious actually. He will point to the big one and say mommy's potty and point to his and say Dane's potty. He likes to sit on it with his clothes on, and he has even been caught bringing it into the tv room and sitting on it while watching tv. I think he thinks it is just his lounging chair. He is a funny little guy. Dane has gotten pretty good at telling us when he poops, but it is after he does it. And the funny thing he will tell us that he pooped on the potty. No matter how many times we say "No, Dane you pooped in your diaper" he will always say "No I pooped on potty". So he is a little confused, so this should be a fun process!! We haven't really started the "real" process yet, other than letting him sit on the potty a couple times without his diaper on. But, this summer probably after all the craziness of our travels we will try to really work on it. I'm not one for forcing it, and have always heard that forcing it will only make it take longer. But, I want to start introducing it so maybe he will start getting comfortable with it.

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Christy said...

awww, his hair doesn't look that short! but i did get the title of the post! lol!
maybe he will skip the little potty and go straight to the big potty like zach did. but zach was 3 before that happened! :)