Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Noah's Ark

Monday we had another fun day in the sun. I wanted to do something fun with the little man, since it was almost time for him to leave me. So, we made another visit to Noah's Ark water park that is here in Houston. This place is perfect for younger kids, and just the right size and not that crowded. At first Dane was a little timid, but after a few minutes his little brave streak showed up and he was all over the place. The water is only ankle deep, so he felt comfortable sitting in the water and then he got real brave and started laying on his stomach. He would say "look I'm swimming" and he would push his body backwards by using his hands. Pretty cute, but it got him more comfortable with the water. He pretty much "swam" like that the entire time. Kevin only had to go down the big slide with him a couple times, then he decided that he would do it by himself over and over. And actually when he would come flying off the slide into the water, he would go completely under the water, face and all and he wouldn't freak out. So, that was good!! He really enjoyed playing in the water, and going down the water slides. Perfect place for the summer!

And this was how we knew when it was time to call it a day...

and can I just say I love those swim shirts!!! you don't have to worry about his back, shoulders and chest getting burned!! They work great!

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Sarah said...

We love Noah's Ark!! Well, when T was younger :) We had her 4th bday party there... Strawberry Shortcake theme. So fun! I love the swim shirts too, they are SO necessary here. Love the last photo :)