Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swimming Lessons Are a NECESSITY!!

We went swimming today at our neighborhood pool for the 1st time this summer. I was curious how Dane would do this year being older, and we had gotten him some floaties to use for the 1st time as well. Well, Swimming lessons may not be a piece of cake like I had envisioned. Today made me realize how important they are to start him this year though, so he will not be afraid the water. First of all he had problems staying up right in the floaties, not sure if that is because he was TOTALLY freaking out or if he just doesn't know how to keep his balance in water yet. Anytime, we would hold him and walk out into the water Dane would freak out. And when I say freak out I mean high pitch screaming like a girl, with a death grip around your neck, and using his feet to climb up your back and stomach to get as high as possible. If we were holding him and standing straight up he was fine, but if we bent our knees a little so more of his body would be in the water that's when he would get scared. He loved playing on the stairs, and that's what we let him do the majority of the time. He would splash, and was totally comfortable in the water, but being where he couldn't touch the ground was unknown territory for him. So, we plan on continuing to make visits to the pool this summer, and hope that he gets more and more comfortable with the water. Not sure if I should get a life jacket or just keep trying to use the floaties. His swimming lessons don't start until the last week of July when he turns 2 1/2 years old. Could be interesting, and I hope not traumatic for the little man.

All Ready to play in the "Big Pool", as he kept saying... or so he thought

Strutting his stuff in his cool floaties

Playing in his "comfort zone"

splish splash

taking a breather

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JAJ said...

When I taught swimming, we always let them wear their floaties and sit on the steps, BUT try to get him to blow bubbles while sitting there. Sometimes it's best to get their face acclimated to the water then the rest of their body is a breeze. Also, try putting his favorite toys on a step...have him get them...then every time you go to the pool put the toy a little deeper. Good Luck!