Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Taste of Cy-Fair

On Sunday our community put together an event called Taste of Cy-fair to showcase the many restaurants and businesses in the Cy-Fair area, and most importantly to raise awareness and funds for the Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation. Basically, there were over 40 restaurants in the Cy-Fair area that brought samples of their foods to the event for the public to taste and sample, along with just as many shops and vendors that sold their products. The Layla Grace story hit nation wide as the sweet little 2 year old battled for her life with neuroblastoma a couple months ago. It really hit home with me, for obvious reasons that I have a child the same age, and the family lives here in Cypress. Unfortunately, Layla Grace lost her battle with cancer, but her name is still living on. Her family has set up a foundation for raising money for research and to raise awareness of this particular disease. So, I really wanted to be a part of this community event. All that was needed was to purchase a ticket to get in, and all the proceeds went directly to the foundation.

The event was PACKED!! It was a bit chaotic, because there were so many people there, but it made you feel so good that there were so many people that came out to support this and help raise funds. I can't wait to hear how much they raised. We paid $20 for Kevin and I to get in, and all the food that you wanted was included in that. I'm guessing that they made at least 20 grand for the foundation, which would be totally awesome. They had a big tent set up with all the restaurants and you could just go from booth to booth and get a sample of their food. There were several Mexican restaurants that were there, which were my favorite. Kevin enjoyed seafood, Vietnamese and everything else that was there! Dane actually ate a hot dog weenie!! Couldn't believe it!! There was live music, moon walks, Snow cones, bubble machines, clowns, games, etc and a building set up that had the vendors in it that you could go around and do some shopping. We had a great time, despite how hot it was. My little man was a sweaty mess, but he really enjoyed playing with the bubble machines and eating cookies!! I was so glad that we could be a part of something that was raising money for something so good.

my camera died so most of these pics are from my cell phone... so you may have to adjust your eyes for the blurriness! :)

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