Friday, June 18, 2010


It's Friday! Gotta get though the weekend, and then a few more days after that.
Being away from my boys is HARD! I knew it would be, but I really had no idea how hard it would be to come home from work to a quiet empty house. A lot of people have said "Oh enjoy it!" or "Must be nice to have your house to yourself", but it's not that easy for me. I'm a people person. I have never been one to hang out at my house by myself for long periods of time. I enjoy having company, and get bored pretty easily. The house is so quiet, I just don't even know what to do with myself. I find myself just looking around trying to figure out something to keep me entertained. I have caught up on all my reality shows. And, it is nice I will admit to be able to watch a show completely through without having to hit pause every few minutes when someone starts talking. So, there's the one thing about being alone I have enjoyed. Besides just being lonely, I have found myself to be extremely paranoid and a bit scared once the sun goes down. During the light hours I'm fine, but as soon as it gets dark the noises in the house seem to magnify, the rooms seem darker, the neighbor's dog seems to be barking more intensely. The first night I didn't get much sleep. I kept waking up, and thinking someone was in the house. I had figured out my plan of action and where I would hide when the attacker attacked. Call me crazy! I know, but just can not help it. Last night I slept with my tv on to have some background noise to distract my mind from the other noises. It helped a little. Oh, and let me just add that I sleep with my bedroom door locked, bathroom light on and now tonight I have a baseball bat laying next to me, just in case.

So with that being said I'm ready to leave town and see my boys! I'm on countdown mode!

Dane is doing good though being away. I have gotten to see him a couple times using Skype on the computer. Today he seemed a little sad when it was time to say good bye, which does not make it any easier to be away. But, I love that we are able to see each other and I'm able to talk to him using the video camera on our computer. He is enjoying being with his grandparents. He is getting tractor rides and walks by the lake to see the ducks. Tomorrow they plan on taking him bowling, and then to ride on a carousel at their nearby mall The weather has been beautiful there, so he is getting to play outside quite a bit. Kevin has gone fly fishing with his dad today and yesterday, which I know that he is enjoying. Oh yeah, Dane has been sleeping in a big bed while there, and doing great with that!! This means that when we get back home it may be time to get rid of his baby crib and let him sleep in a big boy bed. He does great at night, goes right to sleep. Nap times have taken a little bit more effort. He stays in the bed, but doesn't fall asleep all that quick. should be interesting once we get back home! I hope that he does well here, like he does there!

Picture from Jackie- Dane with his grandpa, and his 2 cousins I mentioned in earlier post

Hanging out by the lake looking at the ducks yesterday

picture of one of the many tractor rides

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