Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This, That & Whole Lot of Nothing in Between

We had our 2nd class at Soccer Tots this morning, and it was a success. Dane once again showed he loves to play with balls, kick, and run. And he also showed once again that he does not enjoy the cone drills. HA Basically, while I was doing the drills that involved cones and trying to coax him into participating he was running as fast as he could up and down the field. It was almost like he thought he was "too good" to do these peon type drills. just kidding...sort of. But, he does really good, and it's obvious that he loves being there. He is laughing and smiling the whole time, and he really listens to the coach. More her than me honestly. There is one boy in the class who nearly cries the whole time. His mom usually is pretty frustrated by the end because her lil man just doesn't want to be there. Not sure what I would do in that situation. Today there was an obstacle course set up for the kids; I mean for the parents to do. :) it consisted of a balance beam that was about an inch off the floor, a tunnel to crawl through, floor dots to jump over, hula hoops to bear crawl over, and then balls at the end to kick in the goal. Dane loved this, and did it about 25 times. He was excellent at all of it except for the bear crawling part. He just didn't quite get the concept of it, and after a couple minutes of attempting it he would stand up and just run over them. Pretty cute. Another fun day at Soccer Tots.

This is Kevin's last week at school... and he actually got home early today. Nice Surprise. Especially for the little man. The second Kevin walks in the door Dane immediately wants him to play. I'll admit I am sometimes relieved... Kevin walking through the door means I get a few minutes to myself. Kevin will occupy the lil man with his train table, playing basket ball, cars and I get to sit down for a few minutes. Today i walked into the kitchen to find the boys on the ground racing Dane's cars. Dane is very particular with what cars he will let you play with. He wants you to play with him, but he doesn't want you using his favorite cars. We are working on that.

This afternoon we headed over to Chick Fila to let Dane play for a few minutes, and to get our free ice cream. Free ice cream?? Yes let me share with you a secret that you may not know. For those of you who get kids meals there, you will appreciate this. Chick Fil-a gives cds and books for their kid meal toys, and if you don't open them you can trade them in for free ice cream. So, we had a couple saved up and cashed them in tonight. They don't advertise this, but it is something that they do... I guess its their way of going green...recycling kids meal toys.

The rest of the evening was spent with us hanging outside blowing bubbles...

And Dane riding around the house on my old tricycle. He isn't able to push the pedals yet, but he likes to sit on it and push it by using his feet on the ground.

Then guess what Dane found in the pantry... we didn't know we still had some lurking around.
We asked him what it was, and he said "paci goes in mouth". He is too funny. He put it in his mouth and said yucky. And he had no problems when Kevin threw it in the trash. he just laughed like he knew that he was too big for it now.

Oh, Kevin and I are both feeling better today!! Besides having a cold now I don't feel sick with stomach issues today, and Kevin said he started feeling better mid morning. Whew, glad that was only a one day thing. Not fun.

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Christy said...

Uh-huh...who shared that little secret with you?!? :)