Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Big Race

On Your Mark... Get Set... Go!!

This is how D plays cars. Lines them all up to race, and then he takes each one individually and rolls/ throws it out...and then the process is repeated.
And he usually wants one of us to "play" also, which means us sit near by. If we so dare to grab a favorite car he totally freaks out. "No my car". When you ask him what car you can play with he will look around and say HMMMMMMMM and then gives you a reject car that he never plays with. Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky!! He has even told Kevin a couple times with his finger pointing sternly "No, touch Dane's cars" :)
What can I say? My boy loves cars.

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N's Mommy said...

I think Noah and Dane are soulmates...same bed, same bedding, same pajamas, same crazy way of lining up the cars!