Saturday, July 24, 2010

Children's Museum

We had absolutely no plans for this weekend, no where to go or nothing to do. So, it was great when our friend Gabe called Kevin this morning and invited us to go to the children's museum with them. It had been a little over a year since the last time we went to the museum, and Dane was in his hip brace then and wasn't able to do everything. The kiddos had a blast. There is so much to do there, the kids were on stimulus overload. Lots of things to push and pull, gadgets to turn this way and that way, things to touch and smell, different areas to "pretend" in, things that involve science, and music, and balls, and ways to learn how things work and how they move and how they are made etc etc...
Dane's favorite was getting to pretend to drive in the ambulance and police car (no surprise there), while I think Zach enjoyed pretending to be a vet the most. Sophie was pretty calm and low key today, so I think she was just taking everything in. There is a pretend grocery store that the kids had fun playing in as well. They were able to shop and check out, very cute to watch. Dane "bought" everything that he would normally refuse to eat, which I found to be ironic.
We did everything in the museum, wore the kids completely out and then went and grabbed a late lunch at Christy's favorite hamburger joint. It's good to have friends that live close by that we are able to go do things with. We had a great field trip today!

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