Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cuddle Bug/ Water Bug

Even though this is a horrible picture of me, and I am looking like a complete rough mess I like this picture that Kevin quickly took of the little man and I from his cell phone yesterday. I was watching Dane's swim videos after work and he climbed up next to me and become quite the cuddle bug. These moments are few and far in between now, Dane is always on the move and he is such a busy bee.

Speaking of swim videos...Click HERE if you want to see the video from today. Lot more back floating took place today, and now Rudy is pretty much only putting his hand under Dane's shoulders and head. And I think he is only doing that now just for Dane's comfort level, because Dane is floating. So, I'm sure by the end he will be able to float by himself, which I believe is one their main goals. Rudy had them float on their back for the width of the pool a couple times, and Dane seems to be getting very comfortable with it.

After swimming Dane and I headed to Baytown to meet my mom halfway to pick up my niece and nephew. They are staying here for the next couple days. So, we have been playing WII all afternoon, and plan on going to ride go-karts and play putt putt this evening. Dane is loving that they are here! Fun times are ahead.

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