Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dallas Road Trip

Dane and I left Kevin behind Sunday, and headed to Dallas to visit the Jarmons. I needed a Tabitha fix, and Dane had been saying Gage's name a lot lately, so we just decided to take a road trip to spend some QT. We spent the whole afternoon Sunday swimming in their pool, while Chad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Dane has turned into quite the water bug now. He is loving the water, and not afraid at all anymore. He even surprised me and wanted to jump off the side 100 times. The 2 little men are so funny together. They are 5 weeks apart, and are the same in so many ways. They have a lot of fun together, but then also agitate each other other times because they always want the same toy. Whatever one has the other wants. Both are obsessed with the same cars (Lightening McQueen) and the same trains, so makes for some interesting play times. haha

Monday we decided to spend the day at a small water park. It was perfect size for us. The boys had a blast, and wore themselves completely out. They got to hang out in a wave pool, do some water slides, and we floated in a small lazy river several times. One bad thing about Dane getting so comfortable swimming while using his life jacket is that he has gotten SO comfortable with the water, and thinks he can swim. We didn't have his life jacket in the park, but he still thought he could do everything without it. He would try to go far out in the water, and would want me to let him go, I think I aged quite a bit during this whole process... Hopefully, swimming lessons will help him to see he has limitations without his life jacket on. But, we had a really good time, and spent several hours there. After we got back from the park the boys took a long needed nap, and then we went swimming again at their house that evening. Lots of water fun the last few days!

It was great to see Tabby Tab, and get the boys together to play. Dane loves his BFF, and we wished they lived closer! There will be lots of road trips for these boys in the future! I just realized I didn't get a picture of Tabitha and I. :(

The boys in their matching swim suits (Gage got Dane this for his bday)

Gage giving Dane a BIG hug

Mr Confident swimming in the water

doesn't he look cute in this hat?? Gage let us borrow it to protect from the sun since we forgot out hat


Relaxing after a day of swimming

next 2 are little blurry... but they were holding hands dancing to the music... it was hilarious!

playing cars

leaning the same way

having some candy after a long day at the park

Brown eyed prince


Comparing their ring pops

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