Friday, July 30, 2010

For those who care...

Ok mom, I know that you have been checking my blog ever since the swim lesson was done today, so click HERE to see it. Today Dane was extra silly during the lesson. He had trouble staying still on the much that the lifeguard that sits near by had to come over and tell him to be careful, because he kept jumping around and stepping off the step. There has been a couple times when Rudy has gone out into the water with another child he has motioned to the lifeguard to "watch" and always points at Dane. haha Thank goodness for the lifeguard that sits close by, since Rudy has 4 children he is dealing with. But, he is doing very good, considering he is two with a short attention span. And every time it is his turn to do the exercise in the water he is very cooperative. On today's agenda was more back floating with less support from Rudy. I think Dane is getting the concept, but is still depending on Rudy's support, but he tries really hard. Also, he had to retrieve a ring again today, but this time it was put on the bottom of the pool. Basically, he held his breath for about 5 seconds to get it. Pretty impressive, I thought. The lessons are pretty similar from day to day, but with extra reps, or changes to make it a little harder. I am videoing each day, just so I can see the progress.

He cracked me up with what he did at the end of the lesson to tell Rudy bye. They have become best of buds. Dane gets 2 days to rest, and then we start back on Monday.

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