Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Happy 4th of July!!

Just want to say a big thank you to all the men and women who have served previously or are serving now in the military. We take all our freedoms for granted, but they would not have been possible without your dedication, service and the fighting that had to take place for our country! We are so blessed to live in a country that has so many freedoms!! America rocks!

We celebrated July 4th by spending a few hours at the pool, and then we drove over to the Woodlands to hang out at their festival and then watch fireworks.

The festival had several moonwalks, and big inflatable slides. Dane really wanted to do the big slide. I was a nervous wreck watching him climb was so tall, but he did just fine. He climbed it without even looking back to see where we were, and then slid down the slide like he was a pro. He flipped over to his belly while sliding down, and slid like a bolt of lightening! I don't think I was breathing the entire time! ha And then he wanted to do it again!! We didn't want to carry everything for hours so we left all our stuff in the car when we went to the festival, so these couple pics are from Kevin's cell phone... not great quality, but you can see how tall the slide was that Dane was climbing, and him shooting down like a rocket.

After we played at the festival for a little bit, we headed back to where we were parked, sat in the car for a while to cool off, and then found a great spot to claim to wait for the fireworks. We had gone to the Woodlands a couple years before, so we thought our spot was going to be a great viewing spot. So, did 3/4s of the woodlands people. We had quite a long wait before the fireworks finally started, but when they finally did they weren't high enough to see over this building that they were being shot behind. So, we along with probably 1000 other people scrambled to get our stuff packed up, and run to a bridge so we could at least see the half of the fireworks that weren't covered by the building. We were a little disappointed that they had the fireworks being shot behind the tallest building in the Woodlands, but we got to see most of the show, and Dane thought they were real neat. I'm not sure why fireworks are so intriguing, but I just love watching them. It's just so pretty to see all the colors, and hear the loud popping noises.

Little man being patient waiting for the fireworks to start

catching up on his emails and facebook

lounging around eating goldfish... he did pretty good waiting... and we had to wait quite a while

Talking to Granny and Poppy helped pass the time

fireworks! there's a building hiding the right side of them

I like Dane's face in this one... not sure what is happening with Kevin... maybe they were just too much to watch! ha

We had a good July 4th. And the best part is that I am off today, so it's like an extra long holiday, which means extra fun!

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