Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's been a while...

Since I posted pics of the little man. I do apologize. ha

Not a whole lot has been going on. Just physical therapy for the little man, which we are thinking may end at the end of the summer according to Dane's therapist, Michelle. Dane has an appointment with Dr. Gerow the 1st week of September, so we will know for sure then. But, Michelle doesn't think much more is needed. She feels like his range of movement within that joint is good to go, and he has met all his goals and then some. The only thing she does now during his sessions is work on the strength of that hip, because the left is still weaker than the right. So, anyway she is confident that he won't need much more. Woohoo.

Dane and I are taking a road trip to Dallas on Sunday to visit Tabitha and little man, Gage. We had thought about going this past Thursday, but I wasn't able to re-schedule his Friday therapy appointment, so we postponed for tomorrow. So, since I was off Thursday Kevin and I planned a spontaneous day trip to Schlitterbahn. We have been wanting to go for years, and finally just decided to do it. We were thinking we may go in the next few weeks, but when I changed the day we were leaving for Dallas, we just decided to go to schlitterbahn on that Thursday instead. It worked out! Granny and Poppy watched Dane so we could go by ourselves, because I think Dane is still too young, and the place is huge. It would have been hard to do the whole park with the little man. We had a blast! It was pretty busy, but we really enjoyed doing all the water slides and lazy rivers. No pictures... this would have been a great time to have a water proof case for my camera. :( Oh well, I really wouldn't have wanted pictures in my bathing suit anyway! :) So just imagine us sliding down water slides acting like big kids! FUN FUN!!
We were pretty pooped at the end of the day. I think next time that we go we will have to stay the night, because driving back after 9 hours in the water was exhausting. But, we had to get back... had therapy the next day.

Dane is excited to see his BFF Gage! I'm sure I will have lots to post about those 2 cuties!

Tonight we are having dinner with old friends we haven't seen in a long time. And I will post some more pics of the lil man later from today. These pictures are from this morning. We went down by a nearby lake that is near our house. Little man was all about picking these tiny flowers that were on the ground. We saw a couple turtles in the lake! I thought Dane might jump in with them because he was excited to see them. He likes to stress me out, getting right by the edge of the lake. He is growing up into such a big boy now!

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Amanda said...

Hi! I found your blog through Ashley Purnell's...your photos are awesome! What kind of camera do you have? How do you get that rich color? Mine is a Nikon D60, but I can't say my pics are close to yours! Your little guy is adorable. Blessings, Amanda