Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet Kevin

Remember how I did the 25 random things about me... well, I wanted to do one on Kevin also.

I thought this would be so easy because, let's face it, Kevin can be a very random guy!! But, coming up with 25 has been tough!! And, I'm sure once I do this list there will be some obvious ones that I accidentally missed that would have been better.

Ok, let's give it a shot. In no particular order either. The organization of this could be classified as pretty random.

1. HAS to have his cds organized alphabetical by name, by genre, and by album years. So all the same genre of music is together in ABC order of the artist and then by album year if he has more than one album from a particular artist

2. Been a runner his entire life. His first race was when he was 3 years old. 20 yard dash... and yes he won!

3. Almost joined the military...and when I say almost he just had to sign the commitment papers. He had already passed all the tests and taken the physical.

4. Been in a cop car only once... was caught trespassing in a public park after dark with a group of friends from high school. They were playing capture the flag, and the "closed at dark" sign was well hidden ... the citations were later dropped.

5. Has visited 39 of the 50 states. this does not count states that he has just driven through...only states he has actually stayed in and toured.

6. He gets very cranky if days go by and he has not gone for a run. Running is like his oxygen.

7. Could seriously win big money on a game show. Knows every random fact, history dates of EVERYTHING, all different kinds of stats, anything to do with numbers, random trivia, words to thousands of songs. He even knows what track number songs are on albums, how many albums an artist has etc. Crazy like Rain man memory... kid you not. :) now when it comes to everyday conversations his memory is not always as good. He calls it selective memory.

8. No matter how hard he tries he can not blow bubbles with bubble gum. He just can't figure out how to do it. I think this is the only thing I am able to do that he is not.

9. very picky about the neck line of his shirts. If the neck of the shirt is too wide, or if it is too fitted around the neck, or any other shape than a regular neck line he will not wear it.

10. Dream car is a 1957 red convertible Corvette

11. Has played fantasy baseball with the same guys since his Senior year in high school.

12. Knows all the details/ phrases/ conversations of every single episode of the tv show Friends...

13. Huge fan of Hitchcock movies

14. Serves as my spell check. I probably ask him on even given day how to spell 2-3 words...usually when I am writing blog posts.

15. Absolutely hates the sound of windshield wipers on a dry windshield. Say the wipers are going really fast, and then the rain slows down the noise it makes drives him bonkers!

16. Drinks coffee straight Black. No sugar, no cream, no milk, no nothing.

17. Even though this team sucks, he is a 49ers fan. They were the 1st pro football game he ever watched, and they have been a favorite ever since. But, he enjoys watching college football more than pro.

18. Speaking of football... Kevin absolutely hates the Cowboys. (Probably will get beat up for this one by all the Cowboy fans...sorry)

19. Has a very dry sarcastic sense of humor, but does not like watching tv shows that have dry sense of humor, e.g. Seinfeld and The Office.

20. Talks to himself. He says he sometimes doesn't even realize that he is talking out loud until I ask him who he is talking to. ( drives me crazy! :)

21. He thinks he is "treating himself" when he gets the MVP haircut at Sport's Clips (includes hot face towel, shampoo, and back rub with a hand held massage tool). All for the low low price of $22.

22. He could eat crawfish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

23. When he takes personality or aptitude tests he never falls in one category like most people, he is evenly distributed between all the categories every time on every test. So, therefore he thinks these tests are stupid, silly, pointless and ridiculous. (or it just means he is perfect) :)

24. Had an earring for 2 weeks during his sophomore year of college. (I really wish there was a picture of this)

25. Likes to get things done in the mornings, and then not have to do anything in the afternoons.


Tex said...

I think I have more in common with him than I realized.
Fantasy baseball
20 & 22 doesnt everyone??
23 not perfect. Balanced and well-adjusted. I test like this too

Cant blow a bubble????

Tex said...

of course, Tex is Aunt Donna :)

JAJ said...

I am copying and doing one on Eric! I love it!

The Momoh Family said...

HA Ha that's funny! I want to do one too. Maybe I will. OH also,, my niece broke her leg after all those pictures... I think you can see the cast in her B-day pics, but not the CHuckie CHeese ones!! It's on for 4 weeks!!! Oh my goodness!! Another summer in the House!