Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moody Gardens

This morning we left early and headed to Galveston to have a day at Moody Gardens. We visited the aquarium, the rain forest, butterfly exhibit, and then ended the day with some water fun at their man made beach, Palm beach. It was so hot today, and so so humid. Arrgh. So, after being in the rain forest we were pretty hot and sweaty. So, it felt great to get in the water and splash around. The weather actually held up for quite a while, and then started monsooning while we were at Palm Beach. They made everyone get out of the beach until it stopped raining so hard. But, by that time Dane was getting pretty tired anyway so it was a good time to leave. Short description of our visit... I'm too tired to think or type. :)

looking at maybe the seals?? I can't remember what was in that tank.

viewing the star fish

in the shark tank

looking at a lizard

walking in the rain forest... looking at parrots and turtles....pretty much all we saw, but Dane wasn't really giving us time to look... fast mover

parrots in the rain forest

I loved the butterfly exhibit...they were flying around everywhere

releasing butterfly

Palm Beach-mushroom fun

my sweet boys

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