Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Redundant Post I know!!

But, I have to post about it again because I find it to be hilarious how much of a hoarder little man is... This is just in case you didn't believe me when I said that Dane was a hoarder, or maybe you thought I was exaggerating, or if you thought it was a one time thing...

No, it is an every day thing. He goes around collecting toys and they stay with him the whole day. And for some reason this week it has gone to a whole new level... This dump truck that is filled to the brim with everything under the sun goes from room to room with him all day. And when he decides that he wants to play with one particular thing in the dump truck he will take every single thing out till he finds that one thing, and then puts everything else back in, and pushes the truck to his next destination. It is quite funny. Obsessive, but very very funny. I have even spotted him putting big stuff on top of the dump truck like the car racer he got for his birthday or his play lawn mower, or his big school bus, but he usually has problems driving the truck without the big stuff falling off. But, I am glad that he has found some good use for his dump truck. He got it for one of his birthday decorations, and really hasn't played with it until now. The hoarding has increased from storing everything in my small lunch bag to this big dump truck!

Guess this is one of his little quirky personality traits! He brings us so much laughter!

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