Saturday, July 31, 2010

Speed Racer vs PawPaw

We weren't able to go do the go-karts on Thursday, because it started raining, so we had a wonderful healthy dinner at CICI's pizza. I had to work Friday, but I was able to get off early at 12:30, so I met Kevin and the kids at the go-kart place. Dane wasn't tall enough to be a passenger on the go-kart, so we just watched JT and Lauren ride them over and over. Dane kept saying "Dane too big". Yeah something like that. Lauren had her petal to the metal, and a bit of a speed racer running into anyone that got in her way. JT was more the cautious driver, going the "speed limit", moving over to the side to let others pass, being a pawpaw as Kevin kept saying. Dane had fun cheering for "Warron and TT", and watching all the cars speed around the track.
It was so hot, and Dane started getting cranky so I took him back home and Kevin stayed with JT and Lauren and played a round of putt putt. The kids have helped to keep Dane entertained. We dropped them off at the movies last night, and Dane kept asking "where Warron? Where TT". And since they have been in town, our Wii has gotten a ton of action. Something about video games and teenagers, they just can't seem to play it enough.

Anyway, it's been nice having them here for a couple days. We plan on going swimming in a bit, and then heading back to Orange this afternoon.

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