Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming Lessons Day 2

Day 2 of swimming was so so so so much better! On the way to the lesson we talked Mr Rudy up so high, and how fun swimming was going to be, and how nice he was etc etc. I was hoping that if we were very positive about how nice Mr Rudy was, and all that it would be easier. Mr Rudy for one just has a name that makes me smile, not sure why. But he is a BIG guy, looks like he should be coaching football or something, the videos don't do him justice. So, it is funny to see this big ol guy taking care of the babies. But, he is really nice, and patient and encouraging to the kids. He gives all the kids hugs after each lesson, which I think is sweet.

When we first walked in the facility and Dane got his chip for the instructor he started saying "no swim", and whining a little bit, and then when the whistle was blown for him to walk in he threw himself on the floor and had to be carried by a lifeguard, so I was a bit nervous. But, when he started crying it wasn't his scared cry like how it was yesterday, it was his 2 year old I want to throw a fit kind of cry... there's a big difference. But, as soon as he got to Mr Rudy all that was completely gone, and he seemed to be excited to be in the water. He had no hesitation what so ever. He was smiling, dancing chit chatting with the other kids in his group. At Houston Swim Club before any kid can do monthly maintenance they have to go through the 2 week everyday swim "boot camp", to get the basics before moving up a level, so he is the youngest in his group. There is a 3 year old little girl, and 2 boys who are probably 4 or 5 years old. He did excellent. He floated on barbells, kicked, went under the water floated on Mr Rudy's shoulder. I was very proud of him today. He didn't seem scared at all during all the exercises. He did go under the water accidentally twice, that freaked me out, one is on the video. The first time he was floating on the barbells, and they were trying to turn to go the other way, and he just let go of them. But, he didn't freak out or anything when he got lifted out of the water. The 2nd time he was playing on the step, waiting his turn to do the activity and pretty much stepped off the step. After the teacher got him, we couldn't hear what he was saying, but it looked like he was scolding him a little to not play on the stairs. haha But, once again Dane didn't seem bothered that he went under. I'm excited to watch his progress over the 2 weeks. I was impressed that he actually laid his head back to do the beginning process of the back float, and that he went under the water with no fuss, and attempted to blow bubbles. He seems so little compared to the other kids in the water. It was a great lesson, and Dane was excited when he saw us afterwards. I think swimming lessons will be something he will enjoy!

Click HERE to see the 2nd video

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Kody and Corby Brooks said...

cute video. It looks like he is doing great!