Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swimming Lessons Day 3

Ok, I know some of you are thinking AHH another swim video??? Well... sorry... I have some people in Orange and New York (grandparents and family) who appreciate this, so yes another video... :)

Dane did SOO good today at swimming lessons. I have to say that I am shocked at how well he is doing. He got over that whole 1st day anxiety, and has proven that he is having a great time, and learning a lot! I hate to say this, but my expectations weren't that high when I signed him up for swimming lessons. I figured that he would just get more comfortable with the water and that was about it. I'm not sure if I am impressed because he is my little man, or that he is really doing that well. But, I have to say I am very proud of him. I thought he would be ok going out into the water, but I also thought he might freak out when having to go under the water or floating on his back. But, he hasn't. He is still in the early stages of doing the back float by himself, but the fact that he lays his head back, and is totally calm just blows me away. Yesterday, he had his head on Rudy's shoulder while he floated, but today he started out like that, but then was able to float with just Rudy's arm under his back. He also went under the water and started kicking his legs today, along with going under water while grabbing a hold of a ring. He tries to blow bubbles by putting his mouth in the water, but hasn't gotten the concept how to make the bubbles yet (he may be like Kevin when it comes to blowing bubbles haha). The fact that he is learning to hold his breath under the water is impressing me also. That is something I have never been that great at, so I am happy that he is getting really good at it. Dane drowning is one of my worst fears, (having a child has caused me to start fearing so many more things than I did before) so I am desperate to have him learn how to swim. And, I have nothing but good things to say about Houston Swim Club, and Dane's pal Rudy, is just really great. He just seems to really enjoy what he is doing, and Dane thinks he is "nice" as he says, which makes it so much easier. Swimming lessons has been fun so far for the little man, and honestly it has been fun for me to watch. I won't say I'm not on pins and needles as I watch from a separate room, but it has been neat to watch what he is capable of doing. I know that he is so so so more cooperative with Ol Rudy then he would have ever been for us!!

Enjoy Day 3! And let me know what you think!!

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