Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Yesterday Dane started his 2 weeks of swimming lessons. I had to work, so Kevin took him and I was really bummed that I was going to miss his 1st day. But, it worked out perfectly because it was a little traumatic for the little man and I think if I would have been there I would have ended up being a big mess as well. Dane was really excited when they were waiting in the lobby for his turn to go swimming. He was pumped, and in a great mood. The way it works is when they get checked in the kids are given a colored token that they are to give to their instructor. Several swimming lessons are going at the same time, so when the kids walk into the pool room the lifeguards know which instructor is theirs. Dane was excited in line, and even walked into the pool room just fine. But, the parents stay behind and we watch from a one sided window. Well, when it was time to get in the pool Dane starts to realize that Kevin is no where to be found. And then he starts freaking out. It is heartbreaking. You can read his lips and he was screaming "daddy". So, he ended up crying for about the first 15 minutes of the lesson, but eventually Mr Rudy was able to distract him with water toys. I had thought if he was to get upset it would be when the teacher was making him do water stuff, but I had no idea that he would get so freaked out when not seeing Kevin. But, it is very loud in the pool room, and I think it just overwhelmed him that he thought he was going swimming with daddy, and then all of a sudden he was gone. But, once he calmed down he did very well in the water. Mr Rudy is very patient with the kiddos.

So, Kevin took lots of videos and pictures from his cell phone for me. He had told me about what happened, but seeing the videos was heart wrenching. So be forewarned you may need some tissues to watch this video. I made a little movie out of all the videos, and only showed him crying for a small portion of it, because it's all I could handle putting in there. It looks like in parts that he is looking straight at Kevin, but he couldn't actually see him. Kevin was behind a glass window where he could see Dane, but the kids in the pool couldn't see in. You will see once he stops crying that he isn't afraid of the water, and does pretty well. I didn't include in this video that Mr Ruby gave him a couple toys, and then he was fine, so this jumps from crying to participating in the water. And all the noise you hear in the beginning is kids that are in the waiting area where Kevin was, you can't actually hear Dane crying. So, 1st day was not how I had hoped it would have gone, and it made me sad that he was blind sided that Kevin wouldn't be in the pool with him, but I was happy that he did ok when he had to go out into the water.

Click HERE to see his 1st day of swimming lessons.

Now after watching this dry up all those tears and don't fret... because day 2 of swimming lessons was a complete opposite experience of this!!! He did so good, and had a blast. So, another video coming soon!

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