Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swinging out of Babyhood

Yesterday morning I took Dane to the park for a little while. It had been forever since we had some good ol fun at the playground. The main reason being is that I melt in this humidity and heat, so to even think about playing outside is straight up miserable. Could fall please get here already? But, I was feeling a tad guilty that Dane had been cooped up indoors, and watching tv has been our main form of entertainment lately. I'm not going to lie, I love the fact that Dane will actually sit and watch an entire show or movie now because it gives me time to do whatever I am needing to do. However, he will just totally zone out into a zombie while watching cartoons, so I try not to let him do it for too long. So, we hit the park early, and fortunately I didn't melt.

While at the park I was hit with the realization that Dane is no longer a baby. Besides the fact that he still has a baby face, nothing about him is babyish anymore. Hold on, let me grab a tissue, because this breaks my heart. :( Something just as simple as seeing him swing on the regular swing instead of the baby swing, and him telling me to push him higher hit me like a ton of bricks. My word. He is a little person now, with opinions, thoughts, emotions, expressions etc. There are times that I will tell him he can't do something because he is too little (like jumping off the top of the playground) and which he will reply....

"No, I big Mommy"


Indeed he is.

Monday, August 30, 2010

This Old House

The other day we got an anniversary card in the mail from our Realtor. She always sends us cards for our birthdays and anniversary's, and also little reminders about fighting house taxes and all that. It's her way I think to keep her name out there, in case we ever need a Realtor again. Anyway, I thought it was strange that she would send us an anniversary card in August when our anniversary isn't until March.

But, see this is why I keep my husband around, because he remembers stuff including dates for everything. Well, this is just one of the many reasons he is kept around. :) I on the other hand am doing good to remember just the important dates. So, he quickly informed me that this card wasn't for our wedding anniversary, it was for our home anniversary. Oh!! DUH! So, I said "that's right, we did move in August, can't believe it has already been 2 years since we bought this home". Once again, I was wrong... Kevin just smiled and said "no, Jayne it was 2007. it has been 3 years, remember you were pregnant when we moved in".... yep I knew that... was just testing to see if he still had it. And he does.

Well, this brought back a whole slew of memories for me including one that still makes my mom and I laugh. While our house was being built Kevin and his dad decided that they wanted to get hold of all the extra brick that wouldn't be used for the house. They had "plans" to use all the leftover brick that would be considered trash and use it to create a platform for our grill. Honestly, not sure exactly what they were going to do with it and how it would incorporate with the grill, all I know is that they were adamant about getting the bricks. Well, my mom came into town to see the house while it was still being built. We pull up to the house to find a huge crane and dumpster and we realize real quick that the workers were scooping up all the bricks that we had planned on taking and throwing them in the dumpster.

So just picture this... 2 white crazy women (1 who is pregnant by the way) jumping out of the car and running to the workers as fast as they could and yelling and screaming to "stop the crane" "stop the crane". The workers all just looked at us like we were crazy, and continued on. I started talking in Spanish trying to get them to stop...and since I only speak "poquito" espanol it was quite amusing. My mom is screaming, and finally we just take matters into our own hands and start gathering as many bricks as we can and moving them to the garage. The majority of the workers just sat and stared at us, and the guy running the crane just continued demolishing all that was sitting in front of the house. We were moving as many as we could as quickly as we could, but considering it was blistering hot since it was in the middle of August, and I was pregnant we weren't getting too far. Well, finally one of the guys felt sorry for us, and began to help us move bricks. Then a couple other guys joined in, and then more joined in and before we knew it all that was left of the bricks had been moved to the garage. Can it be please noted that we went over and beyond to get all these bricks, in the blistering heat, 4 months pregnant...

I can't remember why, but my mom and I ventured over to the model home to talk to the lady who sold us the house. While there we were making small talk, and ended up telling her what happened with the bricks, and how we are wanting to use them and blah blah blah. We didn't get the response we thought we would get. We thought she would laugh about it, but instead she jumped all over us about making the workers stop what they are getting paid to do to help us gather bricks. She was quite rude actually, and made it known that what we had done was a horrible horrible thing. So, after leaving there we started feeling bad, and a tad guilty. But, to be honest we hadn't done anything wrong. We just wanted them to stop destroying the bricks by the crane so we could move them to a safe place, we didn't expect them to help us move them. But, To make up for it we headed to McDonald's and bought like 30 of their $1 cheeseburgers, and several drinks and brought them back to the workers. The workers loved us!! haha

So, here comes the funny part, as if the 1st part wasn't funny enough. We get back to the house to find that now they had started pouring the cement to make our driveway. Well, right about when we got there the lady from the model home arrived. We think she came to check up on us to make sure we were leaving the workers alone and not disturbing them using the crane. As if we need supervision! Anyway, she started walking towards the cement truck looking for one of the guys who was in charge and literally walked right in the middle of the wet cement. It's not rocket science or anything but if I see a big cement truck common sense would tell me that the cement near by was wet. She took one step, and all the guys started screaming but it was too late. She sunk all the way to about mid calf... and she was wearing dress pants and high heels. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. She was in total shock, and just seeing her try to pull herself out of the cement nearly had us busting a gut. Her trying to pull her one foot out of the cement caused her other foot to go in the cement as well. She was not a happy camper to say the least, and all the workers and us included just could not hold it together. It was hilarious. And her reaction just made the whole situation 10 times better. If she wouldn't have been so mean to us just a couple hours earlier we probably would have felt sorry for her, but it just made it so much sweeter!!

So, 3 years later we are all cozy in our home...

and our bricks... yeah...I guess the "plans" changed. They have made a permanent home in the corner of our garage...doing absolutely nothing but taking up space...

Oh, The things we do for bricks, i mean for love :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

High as a kite

I love when I get something for nearly free or on clearance. It just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. When I go into Target or any store for that matter I love to look in the clearance section, just to see what didn't get sold that they are trying hard to get rid of. Well, I found this Spider man kite on clearance at Target for $0.25!!!! Basically, I feel like they got robbed when I bought it, because come on a quarter?? That's it?? It had 7 or 8 red clearance stickers on it , so I peeled every single one to see how much this baby had been marked up originally! It was $15 originally!! Wow... this was no fancy kite. Cheap plastic with a cheap handle with string. Would anyone really pay that much for it to begin with? Well, I wouldn't have. But for a quarter...heck yeah!! After I left I thought I should have bought all of them, and then sold them for $15! haha

So, yesterday late evening we ventured out to fly it. Dane was very excited to see it up in the air. We actually got a good wind in the beginning. Dane would hold on to it, but then ever so often he would just decide to let it go. And Kevin would have to run to chase it, before it got trapped in a tree. Pretty funny to watch actually... Kevin running down the hill to catch it, losing his balance and falling all over the place. Since it was close to night time, it actually didn't feel too hot or humid outside. Dane mentioned flying the kite again this morning... so this may become our evening ritual...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Potty Training

This week Dane has shown some interest in the potty. He told his teacher at school after watching a couple kids in his class use the potty that he "wanted to do that". So, the teacher sat him on the potty and he "tried" couple different times. So, I decided that I would give it a try and see if he is interested at home. He wouldn't sit on the potty when I had it in the bathroom, so I put it in front of the tv. I thought maybe he could sit on it while watching cartoons, and then hopefully he would accidentally do something in it. Well, that's exactly how the first time played out. He was sitting on it, and without knowing what he was doing he ended up using the potty. But, he immediately saw it, stood up and looked at me like he was shocked. I saw what he did I started celebrating and yelling and screaming. He was SOOO excited. He kept saying "I did it" and "high fives", and copying me when I would say "I'm so proud of you". I gave him some m&m's, and just went on and on about how awesome it was that he had used the potty. Well, he kept wanting to do it over and over. He would say "I want to do it again, mommy", and then he would sit back down and try again. It's pretty funny, because he wants to so bad even though he just used the potty 5 minutes ago and he will say "I can't do it". Sometimes I would catch him sitting on it for like 30 minutes trying so hard to tee tee again. So, for the 1st couple hours I just let him run around naked, because he kept wanting to sit on the potty. And he did it about 6 or 7 times including pooping on the potty. Great start, and I was really impressed!! But, I found out pretty quick that he did excellent while running around naked, but when he had on underwear or pull ups he wouldn't always let me know that he needed to use the potty. At first he would tee tee in his underwear, and then say he needed to use the potty not knowing that it was too late. A couple times he would start to use the bathroom, and then I guess stop, and tell me and we would hurry to take them off and then he would sit on the potty. But, I'm not stressed about it or anything, and I am in no hurry. I haven't even gotten to the point where I'm constantly asking him through out the day. We have been doing it for about 3 1/2 days, and some parts of the day he is all about the potty, and other times he wants nothing to do with it. So, I have been encouraging it when he is in the mood. He does really good during this part of the day, and we celebrate a lot. But, sometimes he says "I don't like the potty" so I don't worry about it or force him to sit on the potty during those times. I don't want it to become a frustrating thing for us or him. I thought he would want m&m's every time he used the potty, but he doesn't. He will use the potty 5 or 6 times and want candy once. He enjoys getting high fives over and over again more than chocolate! Who's kid is this anyway!

So there you have it... potty training at it's best. Now I will say this...not everything has been just honky dory. I am not enjoying the whole clean up of the potty. My gag reflex gets a lot of action, and I look forward to when he will use the big potty. He still refuses to sit on the big potty...so one step at a time I guess.

The first day he wanted to be completely naked... refused to sit on the potty with just a shirt on. Hilarious. Now he is ok with wearing a shirt!

And I do look forward to using this photo for black mail! haha


I've been M.I.A the past week. This week has been a rough one to be honest. It has been filled with a lot of bad news, a lot of frustration, sadness, worry etc. It just hasn't been a good week. For starters Kevin's parents called one day this week to let us know that their dog, Taffy had gone to doggie heaven. Taffy was 13 years old, and just a great dog. She was very sweet, calm and so good around Dane, so this was heartbreaking news to hear. Before I met Taffy I was quite scared of big dogs, but after being around her a couple times my fear started to go away. We were really bummed to hear about Taffy, but so glad that she lived as long as she did so Dane could be around her the last couple years. Please pray for Jackie and Barry, with the lost of the their sweet Taffy. After 13 years a dog becomes a part of the family.

This just set the tone for the week. My work days were filled with massive amounts of frustrations, we got some bad news about a couple friends, and found out someone I knew had passed away. Then we got some really bad and scary news. I got a phone call from my mom saying that my sister was being rushed to the ER. My sister has a ton of heath problems, and takes a ton of medicine on a daily basis. She is in a lot of pain on any given day and takes aspirin to relieve it. Well, she ended up accidentally overdosing on aspirin, which caused a massive seizure that she could not be woken up from. We say accidentally because we don't think she did it intentionally, because she also suffers from some short term memory loss due to some of our health issues. She is in ICU at the moment, on a respirator (which now she is being weaned from), she is stable, but still in very critical condition. So, please pray for her, and for the Lord to heal her from this. Her kidneys and bloodstream have been flushed out as much as they could be from dialysis, but her liver levels are still very dangerously high. It has been a very stressful time, especially for my mom.

Also, please pray for those who have lost loved ones, have found out bad news about their family members, and those who are just emotionally suffering.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I got FRIENDS in low places...

One word to sum up my weekend... friends. I had a great weekend. Of course, it went by way to fast and I was bummed I had to go back to work today. Friday I was scheduled to work, but our computers and machine was getting some software updated so we weren't able to treat patients. It's great having a Friday off, but even better when you are scheduled to work and don't have to go in!!

I started off the weekend by going to see my good friend Tiffany and her new baby, James. On the way I was telling Dane that we were going to see Baby James, and he got really excited. He kept saying My baby James at home. Confused, I tried telling him "no we don't have a baby James". But, he kept saying it, and got more and more excited when I would say Baby James. Well, then he started saying CHOO CHOO after saying that his James was at home. And it all clicked for me. He was talking about his choo choo train that is named James from the Thomas the Train Show!!!!! Poor little guy was so excited because he thought we were going to see a choo choo train. Well, the thought was easily forgotten when we arrived and he saw their play room with all the toys. Dane wasn't too interested in sweet Baby James. But I was!! He was precious!!
I stole this picture from Tiffany's blog, because I didn't have my camera with me! It was great to see her and her 2 sweet girls and her newest addition! Congrats Tiffany!

Friday night was parent's night out at our church. They volunteered to watch kids from 5:30-9:30 so all of us parents who don't get out much could. My friend Tamara has been wanting to come to town for quite a long time, so this worked out perfectly!! Tamara is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We have been friends since Kevin and I started dating. Actually, Kevin and Tamara were friends way before I came into the picture, which Kevin likes to say "Tamara was my friend 1st". ha But, we quickly became a trio pretty much right when Kevin and I began seeing each other. I used to work at a place where I would have to work the evening shift, and us 3 had a Friday night ritual where we would always meet up at a particular Mexican restaurant right after I would get off work. Lots of fun memories with good Ol Tamara. We don't get to see each other as often we would like because she moved away for a job, but no matter how long in between our visits we always just pick back up where we left off. So, Friday night we continued on with our tradition and went to a Mexican restaurant here in Cypress. We had a blast, just like the olden days!

Saturday, Kevin had a lot of work to get ready for his 1st week of school. He is going to be teaching dual credit classes this year, which means these courses the students will get credit for high school and for college credits. So, it's harder classes, and courses he hasn't taught before. Anyway, I had nothing to do and was bored, so I packed up the little man and we headed to Orange for the afternoon. I made the rounds seeing my family. I put a status on facebook saying I was in Orange, and my girl Tabby Tab saw it and let me know that she had come down to Orange to visit her family also!! How could we have both gone to Orange without knowing the other was going!! I was very excited to see Tabitha. So that evening we left the babies at home with their Granny's, (Tabitha's little man has a granny also) and got to spend some quality time hanging out!! Tabitha's sister is part of a Mardi Gras crew in Orange, and the kickoff for all the crews were getting together. Tabitha and I tagged along, and had a great time. I saw some people I haven't seen since high school. We pretty much cracked up the whole time, did a lot of people watching, and just really enjoyed getting to hang out!! I love my Tab!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st day of school

Well, technically its not the 1st day of "real" school, but it's fun to say. I'm sure I will be an emotional mess when Dane starts "real" school.

So, I am always a little nervous how Dane will do after a long summer break of being home with Daddy everyday. Dane is used to me being home during the day twice a week, and of course on the weekends. But, when summer comes along he gets to spend everyday with daddy being home. So, a lot of playing is done during the summer, and a lot of daddy/Dane time occurs. I thought he might be a tad sad or clingy when Kevin dropped him off today.

Nope. Not all all. Dane was so excited when they left the house. He kept saying "go to Dane school" the entire way there. When they walked into the cafeteria to get Dane set up to eat breakfast everyone that worked there was so excited to see him. Kevin said he received a warm reception, and Dane didn't seem bothered one bit that his daddy was going to leave. He had a great 1st day back. He just got in there like he hadn't even left for 3 months. I was also worried that it may take a couple days to get him back to their nap schedule and sleeping on the floor mats, but he did just fine. He took a 2 hour nap with no problems, and ate breakfast lunch and all snacks. They said he ate green beans, which I find really hard to believe. But, if he did I am amazed, and maybe we should send him to school for every meal. :) When Kevin picked him up this afternoon he was really happy to see him, but got a little upset when he couldn't bring his new favorite toy home with him. It was a Dori toy (from the movie finding Nemo). No matter where he goes he always finds one toy that he gets attached to, and will have a death grip on for the entire time he is with it. Dane is in a new class this time, with new teachers. They seem nice, so I hope this is just a sneak peek of a great year ahead!

So, here's to all my friends who will be sending their kids back to school... I hope that everyone's 1st day goes great and stress free!! Bring on end of summer!!!


For those who know how picky Dane is when it comes to eating, and how hard and frustrating dinner at our house can be then you will want to join us and throw your hands in the air like you just don't care and give a WOOHOO for our lil man.

Dane actually ate spaghetti last night.

Put it in the record book...

No fight. No fuss. No time out. No threats. No bribes. No frustrations. No tears.

This is definitely something to celebrate.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Break

Well another summer has come and gone. It has been a busy one for us this year, and a tortuous hot one as well. As much as I would like to love summertime, I always find that once it is here I am counting down to when it will be over. It is just too hot and humid here, and just about unbearable to do anything outside. Just walking to the mailbox is a chore without being a hot sweaty mess when you get back in. So come on fall weather!!! I can't wait for some relief from this sauna we are living in.

Kevin is already back at work, but his students won't come back until next week. I think it is fair to say that Kevin was starting to get bored at home, and was ready for work to start back. I think I would be total opposite if I had the summers off. I would probably cry when it was time to go back to work. So, today is Dane's last day of his summer break. He starts back to his school tomorrow. I'm sure he will be just fine with going back, but he will have to get used to not having his favorite playmate with him all day everyday. I'm hoping though we can get him back on a better sleep routine. This summer has caused later nap times and later bedtimes, and sleeping later in the mornings. Big adjustment when he will have to get up about 3 hours earlier than what he has been doing this summer. But he is being eased into going back to school. He only has to go one time this week, and then next week he will start his regular 3 times a week.

Not much else is going on. Dane and I went looking for some fall clothes today for him. But, we left the stores empty handed. I'm just not too sure what size to get him, since he turns 3 in the middle of the cold weather. Wow. is that right? He will turn 3 in the fall????? wow. :( 2T fits great in shirts, so not sure if I should get 3T or if they would be too big for fall. Every store seems different. Some shirts that were 3T looked ok, others looked huge. But, 2T pants are still too big on him, like really big. So, I don't know. I may just wait until it is cold and I'm forced to make a decision. When looking at clothes I start to wonder if the designers who makes children's clothes ever had children. I like to think Dane is completely average in his size, but I'm always shocked at how long pants are, or how big the waist is on him.

All these pictures are random from yesterday of Dane playing around the house. It's very odd for him to be sitting still for too long. He will let you read books to him if it is his choice, and he decides for how long. His cars get lined up multiple times a day, and carried around taken in and out of containers, buckets, and anything else they will fit into. Playing with his train table happens everyday, and usually he wants us to build towers over and over for him to knock down. He has gotten pretty good at making some pretty high towers himself, and is usually so proud of himself. And that's what our summer break looks like around here...well the days that are spent at home that is.

"I have moneys mommy"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wknd Recap part 2

To continue on with our road trip to Cajun town.

Saturday morning we went to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. YUMMY!!!! There is nothing like some fried batter drowned in powder sugar. It is soooooooo good!! And it is a must when going to New Orleans. Then we took Grandma some presents, and she thought we were going over to Barby's house for us to all just have lunch. But, what she didn't know was that she would be walking into a room filled with her friends and family from all over the country to surprise her for her 85th birthday.

Kevin and his 2 cousins Ashley and Jessica

To say that she was overwhelmed and surprised would be a total understatement. I think she was filled with so much emotion that everyone would gather together to celebrate her life. Barby had tons of food, and we all had a great time visiting with everyone. It had been a couple years since we had seen most of the family. Barry and Barby's cousins are just really fun to be around. They have the neatest accents, and are so nice and welcoming.
There were actually 3 birthdays all around the same time, Grandma, Kevin's cousin Ashley and Barry's cousin Bonnie. So we sang to all 3, but Bonnie let Dane blow out the candle for hers. While we were singing Dane was looking around at everyone...he thought it was his birthday. ha ha He actually blew out the candle... not like he did for his own birthday.

Dane did excellent on this road trip. Taking naps wasn't on his priority list, but he was on his best behavior for majority of the trip. We did have one little mishap. Dane got into a fight with a coffee table, and let's just say the table won. Luckily, this happened near the end of the party when people were leaving, because it kind of dampened the mood. He fell and hit his cheek on the corner of the table, which immediately bruised and got swollen. It was a bad hit, and little man wasn't happy. So, he has his very 1st black eye. Well, it's not black all around it, but just on the cheek and up towards the corner of his eye. :(

We headed back Sunday, and met my parents in Beaumont to eat. Dane and I stayed behind since Jackie and Barry were leaving early the next morning. Dane had a grandparent galore weekend. He saw both sets of grandparents, his great grandmother on Kevin's side and his great grandparents on my side. Seeing all the grandparents in one weekend has never happened before, and I'm probably won't happen again. He was pretty funny saying all their names. Grandma Grandpa Great Grandma Granny Poppy Nannaw Pappy. He loves every single one of them, and is so fortunate to have so many in his life who adore him and love him as much as they all do.

Nannaw and Pappy gave Dane a bag of their loose change to put in his piggy bank. He was very excited, and would say Mommy look at my moneys over and over.

Granny and Poppy with little man. He wasn't in the picture mood... he was wanting to play with the rocking chairs instead... it's hard to see his bruised cheek in these pictures... guess that is a good thing, because in person it doesn't look too pretty